Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My German Loot And Recent Buys

It feels like all I've been doing lately is travelling,though I know that's not true.
My German trip was "sponsored" by "Father-in-law":P
Anyway, here is my latest loot ^^

Excluding Spyro the Dragon,Ghost In The Shell,El Shaddai and NeverDead which is 2/3 of the games portrayed here >.> the rest,meaning the last two I bought in Heidelberg at Gamestop pre-played. I included them here since I didn't get to play them untill I got home to Oslo again.
El Shaddai and NeverDead was at bargain prices so I couldn't resist,especially NeverDead sinte the plot summary sounds to hilarious.
PSP's on the left: Warriors of The Lost Empire and White Knight Chronicles.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.
This is the one I was playing on my flight to Heidelberg,which I mentioned in this post

A good boredom game,so far it's hack and slash type of gaming,similar to Kingdom Hearts

Didn't buy them because they were scented,but rather because of the spring feeling I get from the colors.
They didn't smell anything other than the same dizzying smell you get when you sniff nailpolish for too loong either so I guess they smell when it's on and dryed up.

Sucker for turquoise.
I don't think the brushes are all that but color >.>
I haven't tried them before.

Label says it all.
I need to trim my bangs/fringe cuz it's starting to get unruly

Again label says it all.
Cute small thingies to put on your nails,mostly fruits and berries in this one

Pink Owl I fell inlove with in Bijou Brigitte

Temporary Spray on Haircolor in Pastel Pink.
It says it shouldn't be used on dyed or chemically processed hair but I'm gonna at least try on a small strand of hair.
4euros a can,can't complain

I've been meaning to take up drawing again,and now in the form of manga.
I used to be good at drawing,now,not so much.

A snake necklace I bought for my mother as a gift ^^
Love my mother <3

A head/hairband in lace,lace's are in this year afterall and I think I'll look good with it ^^

I fell deeply inlove with this seahorse necklace,and its so big too :D

covered with crystals
A pair of rings I bought at Accessorize,fits in with the coming of spring doesn't it?
The nail decor came with one of the boxes with nail art from Claire's further up in the post.

So that's it for now. I've bought so much lately I don't really have the time to "review" everything with lectures and stuff so if anyone is curious,just ask in the comment section and I'll answer/make a post about it ^^

I hope you enjoyed yourself <3


  1. Love the stuff you got, and am super jelly! And you play on xbox! You should totally add my gamertag if you play xboxlive its 'cakefacegozila'. anywho, its great you're getting into drawing. ^^

    1. Thank you^^ I'll do that as soon as I buy myself a new live subscription :D!


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