Sunday, July 21, 2013

Amsterdam part.3 - The International Gyaru meet 2013

The day of the meet was a bit stressful, I don't remember exactly what we did the day before but I remember going to bed quite late and getting up feeling stressed and short of time... I was going to curl my hair but I didn't have time for that and I really regret it seeing the pictures from others who has blogged about it :/ but oh well,no point crying over spilled milk ^^

Either way,we got there a bit late,but everyone was waiting (not just for us but for everyone else as well) so there wasn't any trouble finding the place at least. Jeez,I was so nervous and shy. It felt like everyone knew each other and I was an outsider... well,lol I was but you get what I'm saying. So I really tensed up because of it :/

This is the park where we had the picnic

Such a beautiful park, I really loved being here ^^

Since we were so late,we didn't have time to prepare anything and I still feel really bad about that :/
Luckily everyone else had prepared enough food for at least 100 people so there wasn't really any need.
Even the sacrificed egg salad wasn't a big loss,even if I did want to try it...
stupid dog owner who couldn't control her dog.

you should've seen how satisfied he was after he had put his whole face in it.
The weird thing was the way he pinpointed himself to exactly that ONE dish.
And when the owner came and got her dog the only thing she did was to yell at her dog and in shame say "I'm so sorry" and walk awkwardly away with the dog wagging his tail,cuz at least he got what he wanted out of it.

Anyway,after a couple of hours I managed to grow a pair (yes,hours..) and ask some of the girls for some pictures,and no one said no so I don't know why I was acting like a 4 year old shy girl..
oh maybe it was because I knew no one except Naoki and Michelle and was completely unknown for anyone else or the fact that everyone looked picture perfect and I looked like a frikkin mess...yeah that must be it


Here comes the pictures you've been waiting for ^^
Oh Dominique,that dress <3 mmm-hm^^
Still lookin fly <3

ugh,I envy Naoki's posing skills.
it's ALWAYS perfect!

The Perfect girls corner <3 ft Wesley (I think?)

Fania <3 I really like this girl,she was running around taking care of everyone offering sweets and whatnot.
A really caring and sweet girl ^^
If no one did,Thank you for being the perfect hostess
(not in the agejo-way mind you)

Lenie ^^ She was really sweet to talk to,btw if you need a shopping service,she's the one^^
I loved her whole outfit,especially the hair and it was really fun talking with her!

"let's try taking a picture,staring directly into the sunlight!"
2 sec later: *cries* too much sunlight in eyes
herpa derp me....

Derp managed to do it right :D

 Lenie's best friend Yuu-san  I just loved her Lolita outfit^^
She's a really nice girl and
you should check out her blog too while you're at it ^^

This is the only decent picture of me,Naoki's awesome posing skills must have rubbed off on me :D

Don't ask ... >.> I cant pose even if my life depended on it

Rox Delgou
I could stare in her eyes for hours,she was gorgeous *o* !

A fellow countryman appeared!
It was a bit relieving to finally be able to speak Norwegian again.
I don't know if he has a blog but he's a cool dude

Me and Eivind

From my instagram^^

A picture of the perfect girls posing just for me - mission accomplished :D
you probably know the names of all of them here,but I'll trow in the blog links of the ones I have
chibi-kawaii Isabelle's blog (the cutie in the navy blue cardigan in the middle) and
Jojo's blog, Chelsey's blog

Thank you everyone,I really had a great time and I'm really happy I got to know you gals a little more^^
And for the one's I didn't get the chance to meet and talk to,it's not too late send me a message or mail at

If anyone feels left out or want me to link to their blog just comment and I'll put it up ^^

Mega shopping haul from the trip coming up in the next post btw^^

until next time


  1. What a cute entry <3
    Im sorry you felt so stressful at the station ;o;
    You looked great and it was nice to meet you!

    1. Thank you^^ I was really stressed,since we woke up so late and were afraid you might've gone ahead to the park without us :P That,and everyone looked really good and I hadn't been to a gyaru meet before either. Just a lot of feelings at the same time. It was really nice meeting you too <3 Thank you for reading btw ^^

  2. I didn't know you were stressed and shy! Aww, hope it didn't bother you too much. You looked beautiful nonetheless and it was really nice meeting you! ^o^

    1. I was really stressed,and just really socially awkward that day,or most days ehe :P It calmed down after I talked to you guys though,to that really helped ^^ Thank you for the compliments and for reading my blog ^^ !

  3. beautiful pictures!it seems interesting!Pls post more! Shall we follow each other? i love comment and browse blogs i followed!
    Pls leave a message if u follow me , i will follow back soon~

  4. hey! awesome blog you have here. You can visit my blog too and perhaps we can follow each other. Keep in touch :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your post on Amsterdam!
    I miss that place already! :)


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