Monday, June 24, 2013

Princess Pinky Twilight Blue Review

Princess Pinky Twilight Blue
In this post I'll review the PP Twilight Blue circle lenses^^

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

I bought them from Pinkyparadise for 28,90US$ so they're pretty expensive and they were a hassle to deal with too,since I kept receiving defect lenses in one way or the other.

The first pair I bought,the one for my right eye were defective. I left both of them in the solution for 24hrs,rinsed them and tried them on for the first time. The left eye was ok,it moved around a lot so I tried putting them on the other way and then they stopped moving around so much. The right eye however stung like a razor blade on the eyeball I immediatly took it out,my eye had gotten really irritated by it too,after wearing it less than 20 sec. I thought it was weird,since that had never happened before so I left it in a new solution for a couple of more hours before trying again.
Nope! Still stung like a mofo. So I tried inspecting it for scratches or bulks in the container and such,everything was in order so it was clearly a production defect or sorts. I contacted Pinkyparadise and they sent me a new one after I had taken a couple of pictures for them to verify that they were faulty. The next one was perfect,except one thing. It had a cluster,a small lump on the inside of the lens that felt like it was scratching my eye,it was even visible when held infront of the light. So again I had to ask for a new one from Pinkyparadise. They gladly sent a new one again and the 3's the charm right?
It fit perfectly,no discomfort out of the usual dry eye after a couple of hours.

                                                                   My two cents:

They don't look natural at all,but thats not why I bought them so I'm happy for that. They do have a natural pattern but the color is so strong and resemble's husky with blue eyes they're not fitting for a day at the office,unless you work for Marilyn Manson^^

The first hour,they moved around a lot and felt kinda dry and I could feel I had something foreign on my eyes,I didn't like that. But after that hour or so they stopped feeling foreign and started feeling comfortable like my other lenses.

They do move around a lot,and they're really fragile to the feel I think. Not like Vassen or Geo,so be aware of that when washing them. If they don't stop moving around,try putting them on inside out because they're really hard to determine whats the inside and outside when you have them in your hand.

Bad laptop lighting

The color is strong,it doesnt look toned down in the dark or more vibrant in the sun. they stay the same no matter the lighting,which I think is a plus. However,the bottle says they're 14,5mm but the colored iris diameter is 14mm. I was a bit disappointed in that. Makeup wise,they fit with toned down gyaru looks or people who have no gap between their iris and their lower lash line.

Comfort: 7/10
Color: 10/10   
Enlargement: 5/10
(they make your eyes slightly larger)

Guess that's it for now, I've gotten so many requests to do a tutorial so I'm going to try and do that,however I dont know when it will be up.
I'm going to Amsterdam on tuesday, to visit one of my best friends and getting to know more gals on a meet in Utrecht ^^
Stay tuned though,I've been feeling inspirational lately and I have a lot of helpful posts coming up for all you newbie gals <3

UPDATE!!!!!! For all of you lovely and dear readers,please foloww my blog with bloglovin since the google friendconnect will disappear tomorrow,it would mean a lot to me ^^


  1. Those are some really gorgeous lenses! ^^ 1 year lenses are really good, and if you think about it, you can use them as much as you want. And I love your eyelashes! What brand are your eyelashes?


    1. Iknow right?? expensive but worth it,thats the one thing I love the most about Circle lenses,they last a year!^^ The lashes are a mix of many brands,theres some MAC in there,some lashes from the november issue of Ageha and a pair of Ebay lashes ^^

    2. Oh ok thanks, I've heard Ebay got some really good eyelashes selling there!

    3. yeah they do,and even brand lashes are cheaper than online stores and such so it's really worth taking a look to see ^^

  2. I seriously can't get over how pretty the color is!! *O*
    I'm seriously considering these, I think they would go perfect for my Poison cosplay :3 I'm a really big baby though about my eyes, so I'd have to really take into consideration the whole 7/10 on comfort thing...
    do circle lense get more comfortable over time?

  3. I gave them 7/10 because I don't normally have to use eyedrops even for lenses I've worn throughout the day,but with these you will need a drop or two every 3rd hour. I know you're not supposed to be wearing them for more than 4hrs straight anyway,but I think the option should still be there. Not everyone goes around with solution and lens case on them at all times. For halloween get ups and such,they're perfect because of the strong pattern and color so they're worth the consideration at least ^^

    and finally,yes I think they do,in some or another they reshape themselves to your eyeshape and these lenses do that,just beware that it takes a bit longer for these to do so ^^.

    Also if you are considering them,then I'd order them in advance,weeks before you need them. There are a lot of production defects with these,so the chance for you to receive a faulty pair(or single lens) is high. just search for them on Pinkyparadise and read the review,then you'll see what I mean :P

  4. The color of these reminds me of glow in the dark lenses. Your eye makeup is cute by the way!

    1. Thank you honey ^^ They really do and I don't edit my pictures either so what you see is really what you get :D just the pattern alone is worth buying them for,even though you might end up with a faulty pair,pinkyparadise is really helpful with that ^^

  5. I seriously can't get over how pretty the color is!! *O*

    1. I know! :D check out the other colors on Pinkyparadise,I was considering the green ones too when I ordered these:D

  6. omg love them!! the color is awesome!!

    1. mee too^^ it really is,funny thing is,they dont look so pigmented when you hold the lens in your hand,but once they're on,BAM! *o*

  7. Wow, these lenses look absolutely beautiful!~ Shame that it wasn't perfect in the first shot, but oh well. n__n

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    1. I looked through some of your posts and I really liked what I read so sure thing :D I've followed you ^^


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