Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Date with Xiaoting and the following week

Last Saturday,not the previous one but the one before that,I met with Xiaoting,a fellow and perhaps a bit more famous Gyaru in the community. We got to know eachother after she hosted a small x-mas workshop in Dec.2012 which I had a lot of fun attending ^^.

I was hoping to meet other gals there but it turned out to be a more intimate evening with just me, Xiaoting, Ingvild and Jannicke but I won't complain, because I did have a lot of fun and I got to know each of the girls a bit more personal then what I would've done if it had been 20 others in the room.


We met at Outland (a comic/bookstore that sells popular merch and manga) in Oslo Centralstation, looked at some of the stuff inside Outland and of course I found that moogle cushion I still want-but-is-still-too-expensive-to buy  so we had to depart once more...sigh...
Then we walked to OsloCity and bought ourselves BubbleTea and enjoyed that,while Xiaoting showed me her latest online loot which she had gotten in the mail.

After the BubbleTea we just walked around talking about this and that,looking at some clothing stores along the way. I don't remember precisely when we went there but a positive surprise I noticed were that we had the same taste in many of the things we looked at,especially some shirts at BikBok^^

After that we went to Neo Tokyo ( the ONE japanese store that sells japanese merch,clothes,otaku related stuff,magazines and food) to get my monthly dosage of Ageha. After we had looked through the other things in the store,we left and ran into some of Xiaoting's Lolita friends who were having a Lolita/ Potter meet-up and then we went to Burger King to eat and camw**** for a bit^^.
I've never camw***** in public before so this was a first,and it was FUN! >:D

I think this one is the best of them

My stupid finger in this one :/

Not the best angle for me,but Xiaoting looked so cute here so I'll share it anyway^^

I think we drew some attention to ourselves while we were taking pictures in our little booth,even though we didn't use a flash or were standing on top of the table topless,you know,typical things that would make strangers frown at someones behavior. There were this one woman who kept frowning at us,she was either jelly at our youth or the fact that her husband seemed interested,with the rest of the male's inside the room. JK.. but she were frowning at something.

After we ate,we walked down Karl Johan to Østbanehallen and tried to take some pictures there but the wind were awful so it was a bit difficult trying to take some without looking like a tornado had sweped by. This always happen when a girl fixes her hair,its like a given. For example,the lipgloss/lipstick dilemma: everytime you apply some sticky gue on your lips,your hair is there to get tangled up in them.
While we were figuring out how to take pictures,a stranger walked by and wanted to be in it,a bit surprising and awkward but ok I'll play along,hence this picture.

It was fun though,he was so cheerful and nice and then he took this picture of Xiaoting and me.

Im truly amazed that he managed to take a decent picture of me,first and only try too. Im envying Xiaotings dress in this picture*jelly*

After that we went our separate ways and went home to my birthday party,I havent gotten around to transfer the pictures to my laptop yet so *to be continued*
I had a good time actually,and I got some presents too,some which shouldn't be shown on the blog so I'll leave it at that^^.

I haven't done too much other stuff, I've mostly been preoccupied with lectures and "homework",but some lectures are too comatose-inducing so distractions are easy to come by when you've just recently installed purikura apps on your phone.

Let me show you exhibit Nr.1 :

You don't really see it beneath all the purikura overdose,but I was reading about Don Quixote buut...you know...bored.

 And exhibit Nr.2 :

Yeah,you get my drift ^^

Beside school I've been playing and completing Ni No Kuni and I loved it! I still have the itch to play it,but I don't wanna play the same game over again when I have just recently completed it. Im savoring it for a rainy week ^^ although I've completed Final Fantasy X 8 times... But I never get tired of that game,its my alltime favorite. Still waiting Square Enix...STILL waiting.

Hm whatmore to share...oh!

This recent saturday I went to a dogpark with my "father-in-law"'s dog,Dina
I don't have any pictures of her this time since I was busy not getting rammed by random dogs,running towards me not minding if I were in the way or not.
One of them tried peeing on my Timbalands,and the first reflex I had was to push it over,and so I did. He fell. And I laughed. My poor friend wasn't that lucky,and got peed on,but fortunately came prepared and had some waterproof and winterfriendly clothing on. Here is some other pictures from an earlier visit to the dogpark near our famous Vigelandspark:

The Monolith: centerpiece of Vigelandsparken

Still the Monolith

Dina sniffing other dogs and playing around

Btw, Xiaoting's blog is right here

And I guess thats it,hope you enjoyed reading this ^^ It was kinda refreshing and nice being this  open in a post for once, Motoko out <3


  1. var gøy å henge sammen! Får catche opp snart : )

    1. Jaa! :'D Er koslig å kunne ha noen å være gyaru sammen med til en forandring ^^


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