Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Latest buys and Moroccan Oil goodiebag

So I thought I'd make a quick post,especially since I've gotten so many wonderful things from my lovely cousin Chioma :D

First the stuff I've bought lately ^^

They cost 2 dollars...and they were not worth it...but oh well.. they're too short for gal make,so I'm gonna give these away to whoever wants them :P

and these ones were so badly cut and made...but I'll make them work somehow ^^

My forever trusted pure little's from DollyWink

I've opened it! sowwy.but I couldn't wait. and ofc I ruined one of them because of my impatience
(。┰ ω ┰。)
Diamond Lash Charming Eye

I Love Kryolan! I used this one today,maybe I'll write a review on it

This is my main and only setting powder,though after Kim Kardashian told the public about how awesome it is,I've been having a hard time finding it in shops  -_______-

And here's what I got from my cousin Chioma ^^ !

She told me she would attend Moroccan Oil's new product line launch so I asked her if she could give me some free samples if she got any spares or extras. I didn't think she'd fill the bag with so many goodies (●´∀`●) !

You can find Chioma's blog here<3

Tights and Leggings ^^

Lòreal Professional Mythic Oil: Shampoo,Hair mask and oil of sorts

I haven't even seen these products before so I'm really curious as to how my hair will react to them,hoping for good results ofc^^

Really cute bracelet from Glitter

Love KMS! they have such good products!

Never worn yellow nail polish before but I think this color is really cool and I have some ideas as to how I'm gonna use it ^^

Aaaaand drum roll



Omg,look at this! I'm still excited over it so excuse me,but jeez! I had to keep it together when she showed me the Moroccan Oil bag,but really I wanted to scream. Their products are soo good,but really pricey. What made me cray cray was the fact that these are the real sizes,not those "good-for-2-uses" type of bottles. Those trial samples,which is what I expected to get,though I'd be forever grateful for that too ^^.

I haven't tried any of the products here except the shampoo.

So that's all the lovely new stuff I've gotten. I'm gonna start reviewing some of them when I'm done with my exams but until that,I wont blog anymore. My exams are over the June 4th so it's not that long.

Until next time,I hope you guys succeed in whatever goals you're pursuing
Thanks for reading <3



  1. Owhh I love it! Wants dolly wink products too >.<

    how about following each other?

    greets, lenie

    1. Sure ^^ <3 Yeah they're kinda expensive but I feel they last longer and are durable than other brands so all in all its worth it :)

  2. Lovely post! I'm happy you liked the stuff :)

    1. OFC!!! it's the holy grail for hair treatment :D I used the mythic oil nourishing oil on my hair and it became silky smooth after a day or two ^^ I haven't gotten around to trying all of them yet though.

  3. <3 Oh man this stuff looks cool. You gotta review those lashes for me pl0x.

    1. Which of them,there's so many of them :P


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