Monday, April 22, 2013

Freedom of speech and Self Righteousness

Thought it had been some time since I last posted something of a little more  "substance"  than megabytes in makeup pictures and latest shopping hauls, and since these are thoughts I've been pondering about for some time now I thought I'd share. Hopefully you who are reading this wont take this offensively or disagree, but in the event of butthurtness you should smear yourself up with moisturizer and acknowledge the fact that this is my blog and rather appreciate that I'm not slandering anyone even if I'm entirely capable of doing so simply because, I am not that kind of a person.

So my thoughts are:

Freedom of speech is necessary, we need to be able to share our opinions when it matters most, when injustice is prevalent but unnoticed by the majority.

We need it for a democratic society to function.  Heck we need it as an important foundation of order.

However there are those and surprisingly many who feel that their every opinion needs to be heard and ventilated for as many people possible, just because they can.

And before you realize the irony of me posting my opinions of others bullshit opinions, here ya go:

And before you think and want to reply:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

PinkyParadise Package

So I got my package from PinkyParadise earlier than expected,it took 2 days for it to arrive :S

Jumily nr.5

These ones looks like Dolly Winks Real Nude,but a lot cheaper! :D

Jumily nr.6

Not happy about these ones >:C
 I wanted to replace my Dolly Wink Pure little's with something that was less expensive so I decided to buy these from Jumily,since they were about half the price of Dolly Wink.However,I was disappointed when I saw how cheap looking they were in the package. They look fine in the picture but they're actually quite choppy and uneven in RL

 I got these for free,a little surprise package from PP :D! It's probably because they didn't have my prescription for the Vassen Kirei Green lenses,after I had payed and ordered it. And then they didn't have my replacement lenses either,lol. But I must say,they have an awesome customer service and they're always eager to please. They're not sponsoring me to say this either. I ordered a pair of lenses once,which I knew were known to have defects but they were so striking I couldn't resist. I had to ask for replacements 2 times since they all had some kind of defect. The first one stung,the second had a lump inside, but the third one were perfect. They didn't try to convince me to take a refund or change them for some other ones,they just happily obliged,and sent new ones.

But I do buy a lot from them,2 or 3 times a year I'll spend enough for them to send things to me for free priority shipping,so nuff said.

I'm looking forward to trying these ^ ^

Eyebrow mascara

Lens case

Contents of the lens case,a bottle for lens water,a lens case and a pair of tweezers for picking up the lenses.

Rohto Lychee eye drops

At first I thought I'd gotten a bad replica since it felt like someone had put menthol mouth freshner in my eyes,but it's supposed to feel like that.
Well I did refresh my eyes so it wasn't a lie

And I bought some new lenses

To be perfectly honest,they look exactly the same as the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate brown/ Vassen Princess Bambi Queen Brown,the only difference is the pupil hole is bigger on the starmish ones,making the look less intense than the aforementioned ones. To put it short,it gives a better dolly look than Bambi and Mimi. And for any twilight cosplayers who's cosplaying Edward,Bambi and Mimi are the lenses for you.

The other pair I bought is Geo Princess Mimi Almond brown,I always have at least one pair of these as they're my favourite everyday lenses. If anyone is buying their first pair of lenses and you have brown eyes,I recommend these. They blend in so well with brown!

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown

That's it for me,hope you enjoyed it ^ ^

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

" It's better to have loved and lost,than never to have loved at all" *PicHeavy*

Hey peeps... Sorry for not posting anything lately, I’ve been busy catching up on my reading and since my exam period is coming up I kinda had to prioritize that for the time being. But I hadn’t forgotten about my blog ^^ Actually, that’s a semi lie.
I do have my exams coming up,and I have been reading, but mostly because I’ve been living in the 80’s… You see,my Internet is gone. We got a mail from our Internet provider, about them doing maintenance of some sort and that it would be down from 10th of April, from 1am/0100 - 5am/0500.
I had no problem with that, I could for once go to bed early I thought… I didn’t ofc. But I didn’t use Internet in that time frame. I don’t remember what I did though ,but I remember waking up the day after and did my regular routine: I got up and poured myself a bowl of cereals and sat down in front of my laptop only to find that my Internet had not returned… after several diagnostics and yadayada I came to the conclusion that my Internet had left me indefinitely…
It kinda felt like a bad breakup, it was just over between me and Internet. No last words, no words to carry on into the future… no nothing. I was fine with it the first 8hrs…Then not so much.
It started to sink in “omg…what if it doesn’t come back today?? I don’t have any movies left to watch…” and I hate watching movies twice in a short time period. So I started  to get frustrated….REALLY frustrated.
So I went out shopping instead…hehe, I’ll show you the things I got in a second.
Anyway,I don’t know how I’ve coped without Internet, it’s like my guilty pleasure…and we live in a day and age where it’s constantly around us too,we’re dependent on it. I don’t have regular TV,I have streaming services… all my favorite electrical devices have Internet and are hooked together. Sigh…maybe I’m a bit spoiled but I love streaming series from my 17”laptop to my  white 50” LED Samsung TV…Ok I’m spoiled when it comes to that subject and I’ve taken my Internet for granted… that’s why he left me  TT^TT.
The bad breakup that it was,I’ve now come to terms with the situation and I’ve accepted it and moved on…kinda.
I’m lying again.
I’m using my NokiaN8 as a modem using my included 1GB of data for my addiction.
Later today a technician is coming over to check if there’s a problem with the socket, or if we’ve connected something wrong, basically just our provider looking for a loophole to ditch the bill on us.
I mean, it’s been working for 6 months now, without us kidding around with it, then when a maintenance update is being performed and done it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. Yup must be US who done did sumthin stupid. I think our modem from our providers, has fried itself, it gets hot when it’s on, REALLY hot. But I cant turn it of while I’m using it right? And a tool that breaks itself while doing it’s designated job is shit if you ask me.
But without any more rant from me, here’s the things I got on my last shopping trip^^ and a top I modified.

All the items are from H&M unless otherwise stated ^ ^

Had to have a mini mint too, to match my tote ^ ^

This dress gained my attention at a norwegian shopping outlet
and I immediately had to buy it. There's a Gyaru feeling to it :P
Dead cheap too #winning

Coral or pastel orange colored skirt

This top is from H&M but I hated the black strap fabric that came with it so
I cut them off and sew some nicer ones on instead

Navy blue skirt, because the Navy style never goes out of fashion in my opinion

Mint pastel dress

Only the skirt is from H&M's conscious collection,the top is from Vero Moda

This skirt I got from my bff Kaoru,when she was in Tokyo 2 months ago ^ v ^

I added some studs on the straps and at the edge of bra part.

Here's how it looked like before,still cool looking like this though

I'm also expecting a big package from PinkyParadise soon with some new lenses and lashes so check back in a week - 10 days from this post,if you're curious-^^

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My German Loot And Recent Buys

It feels like all I've been doing lately is travelling,though I know that's not true.
My German trip was "sponsored" by "Father-in-law":P
Anyway, here is my latest loot ^^

Excluding Spyro the Dragon,Ghost In The Shell,El Shaddai and NeverDead which is 2/3 of the games portrayed here >.> the rest,meaning the last two I bought in Heidelberg at Gamestop pre-played. I included them here since I didn't get to play them untill I got home to Oslo again.
El Shaddai and NeverDead was at bargain prices so I couldn't resist,especially NeverDead sinte the plot summary sounds to hilarious.
PSP's on the left: Warriors of The Lost Empire and White Knight Chronicles.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.
This is the one I was playing on my flight to Heidelberg,which I mentioned in this post

A good boredom game,so far it's hack and slash type of gaming,similar to Kingdom Hearts

Didn't buy them because they were scented,but rather because of the spring feeling I get from the colors.
They didn't smell anything other than the same dizzying smell you get when you sniff nailpolish for too loong either so I guess they smell when it's on and dryed up.

Sucker for turquoise.
I don't think the brushes are all that but color >.>
I haven't tried them before.

Label says it all.
I need to trim my bangs/fringe cuz it's starting to get unruly

Again label says it all.
Cute small thingies to put on your nails,mostly fruits and berries in this one

Pink Owl I fell inlove with in Bijou Brigitte

Temporary Spray on Haircolor in Pastel Pink.
It says it shouldn't be used on dyed or chemically processed hair but I'm gonna at least try on a small strand of hair.
4euros a can,can't complain

I've been meaning to take up drawing again,and now in the form of manga.
I used to be good at drawing,now,not so much.

A snake necklace I bought for my mother as a gift ^^
Love my mother <3

A head/hairband in lace,lace's are in this year afterall and I think I'll look good with it ^^

I fell deeply inlove with this seahorse necklace,and its so big too :D

covered with crystals
A pair of rings I bought at Accessorize,fits in with the coming of spring doesn't it?
The nail decor came with one of the boxes with nail art from Claire's further up in the post.

So that's it for now. I've bought so much lately I don't really have the time to "review" everything with lectures and stuff so if anyone is curious,just ask in the comment section and I'll answer/make a post about it ^^

I hope you enjoyed yourself <3
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