Monday, April 1, 2013

Germany/Deutchland Part II *PH*

Forgot to write picture heavy!

I don't know where to start this picture journey but I guess I'll start with our neighbourhood^^
I left for Germany to babysit my bf's siblings with him,as his parents had left for Argentina to visit a sick relative. I stayed for 5 days while he is still behind in Germany,I couldn't afford to miss any classes.

The weather could've been better though,it wasn't sunny but at least there was no snow,a nice change from Winterwonderland Norway ^^
I fell inlove with that black and white house on the right,it was soo cute!
Another house from our street

The buss stop close by

This was our side of the river,I think it was called Zieglhausen

The other side of the river with the trainstation

 These pictures are from the day we went shopping in Heidelberg city centre,it was the only day with sunshine so I got some nice and sunny pictures^^

I don't remember the streetname,but it was close to Bismarktplatz

Bismarktplatz in the back

My bf managed to sneakily take a picture of me trying on some glasses at Claire's.
I didn't buy them

A nice fountain we found

A colorful city tram

I forgot to mention,one of the days where me and my bf were in Heidelberg centrum,we found a bubbletea shop! And the location was soo cool! :D
So ofc I took a lot of pictures at that place,and they had the best bubbletea I've tasted too^^

I LOVE turquoise/aqua!

Their screen with a logo on  changed colors all the time,really hip and modern

They had Ipads in those square thingy's

Outside of the BubbleT shop

The owner told me that this BubbleT place was the last one left in the Baden-Wurthenburg area :C
The government had closed down all the other ones because they ment it wasn't healthy :/ Ofc it's not healthy everyday but people should be able to decide for themselves how much they stuff their face without others having to tell them no...

Anyway ^^
After bubbleT we went to eat at a Korean restaurant,
I think it was called Korean Restaurant actually :S

We decided to take a cab/taxi since we'd been walking all day, the cabdriver did what I was afraid he'd do. He took a long "detour" around Bismarktplatz driving the taxameter to 11,20 Euro. It said in the Wikitravel site that they will try to do that if they know you're a tourist/foreigner. So instead of being angry and shouting at him that he was driving the wrong way and make the ride awkward,I simply looked it up on my Nokia maps,free of charge ofc and said to my boyfriend in norwegian "Han kjører feil vei nå,vi sa adressen til ham og han har ennå ikke skrevet den inn i GPS'en. Han hustler oss"
I knew he would understand at least the context and that I was onto him and his little "scheme" and right I was. He turned off the taxameter annoyed,sighing the whole way. Sneaky b******

Restaurant Korea,my bad >.>

Actually,looking at the pictures from an objective point of view,
the streets look like creepy back alley's with poor lighting.
Boy or girl,don't walk alone here.

Once we got there it had become dark outside.
The restaurant was located in a quaint street with stonebricks. There wasn't a lot of people inside the restaurant, 2 german couple's,3 japanese women who I think were students.
The manager was nice and serviceminded,he came with the menues fast and gave us enough time to decide what to eat too and the food was delicious, I recommend this restaurant for anyone who visits Heidelberg. It's not hard to find,it's the only korean restaurant there.
I was so hungry I forgot to take any pictures of the food there but I did take one:

Bulgogi and some kind of korean vodka,something with an S

After the dinner at Restaurant Korea,we decided to walk to the nearest bus stop taking in the night scenery.

I love fountains so that's why there's so many of them

Beautiful Castle

Me checking out the bussroutes to zieglhausen

Outside our apartment,at night


The day of my flight back to Oslo, I wanted to go into Frankfurt too,since my flight was leaving from the same city. We went a little earlier so we'd have time to shop and explore,though we forgot it was holiday seasons so everything was closed :C oh well.

I love the metropolitan feel I got from the banking area in Frankfurt.
I didn't take any pictures on my flight home again,I was bizzy keeping my tears inside,I don't like leaving my boyfriend at all. The flight back was comfy too,I think I slept an hour or so,then I landed,took the train to Oslo centralstation,took the sub then the buss and then I was home and that's that ^^  A new post with my loot is coming later :)
I hope your eastersholidays has been happy one's too <3 ^^


  1. Looks lovely! Too bad Frankfurt was closed so you couldn't do any shopping? Can you make a blog entry where you show all the stuff you bought during your holiday! :)

    PS: I hate taxidriver who try to rip of tourists! It's sooo rude!!!

    1. Working on it right now ^^ I didn't buy a lot though,I was on a strict budget >.<

  2. I don't like it when you leave :<


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