Monday, June 24, 2013

Princess Pinky Twilight Blue Review

Princess Pinky Twilight Blue
In this post I'll review the PP Twilight Blue circle lenses^^

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal

I bought them from Pinkyparadise for 28,90US$ so they're pretty expensive and they were a hassle to deal with too,since I kept receiving defect lenses in one way or the other.

The first pair I bought,the one for my right eye were defective. I left both of them in the solution for 24hrs,rinsed them and tried them on for the first time. The left eye was ok,it moved around a lot so I tried putting them on the other way and then they stopped moving around so much. The right eye however stung like a razor blade on the eyeball I immediatly took it out,my eye had gotten really irritated by it too,after wearing it less than 20 sec. I thought it was weird,since that had never happened before so I left it in a new solution for a couple of more hours before trying again.
Nope! Still stung like a mofo. So I tried inspecting it for scratches or bulks in the container and such,everything was in order so it was clearly a production defect or sorts. I contacted Pinkyparadise and they sent me a new one after I had taken a couple of pictures for them to verify that they were faulty. The next one was perfect,except one thing. It had a cluster,a small lump on the inside of the lens that felt like it was scratching my eye,it was even visible when held infront of the light. So again I had to ask for a new one from Pinkyparadise. They gladly sent a new one again and the 3's the charm right?
It fit perfectly,no discomfort out of the usual dry eye after a couple of hours.

                                                                   My two cents:

They don't look natural at all,but thats not why I bought them so I'm happy for that. They do have a natural pattern but the color is so strong and resemble's husky with blue eyes they're not fitting for a day at the office,unless you work for Marilyn Manson^^

The first hour,they moved around a lot and felt kinda dry and I could feel I had something foreign on my eyes,I didn't like that. But after that hour or so they stopped feeling foreign and started feeling comfortable like my other lenses.

They do move around a lot,and they're really fragile to the feel I think. Not like Vassen or Geo,so be aware of that when washing them. If they don't stop moving around,try putting them on inside out because they're really hard to determine whats the inside and outside when you have them in your hand.

Bad laptop lighting

The color is strong,it doesnt look toned down in the dark or more vibrant in the sun. they stay the same no matter the lighting,which I think is a plus. However,the bottle says they're 14,5mm but the colored iris diameter is 14mm. I was a bit disappointed in that. Makeup wise,they fit with toned down gyaru looks or people who have no gap between their iris and their lower lash line.

Comfort: 7/10
Color: 10/10   
Enlargement: 5/10
(they make your eyes slightly larger)

Guess that's it for now, I've gotten so many requests to do a tutorial so I'm going to try and do that,however I dont know when it will be up.
I'm going to Amsterdam on tuesday, to visit one of my best friends and getting to know more gals on a meet in Utrecht ^^
Stay tuned though,I've been feeling inspirational lately and I have a lot of helpful posts coming up for all you newbie gals <3

UPDATE!!!!!! For all of you lovely and dear readers,please foloww my blog with bloglovin since the google friendconnect will disappear tomorrow,it would mean a lot to me ^^

Friday, June 14, 2013

Because Sharing is Caring

So I was sitting up late,thinking about what to write to my dear readers when it hit me "how about uploading the Ageha Eye Make Perfect book mook?"
You know,since "sharing is caring" ^ - ~
I did consider using it as a leverage for you to become my followers

                                                          "join us"* creepy voice*
But I figured "whats the point in having 400+ followers if they don't really genuinly find what I write about interesting,or funny in any way?" I'd rather have 20 who care than 400 who don't ya know?
you're welcome btw ^^
So I've been sitting here watching it upload for the last 5hrs... :S

I think all the files are scrambled in the folder but if you download the whole folder or all the files and click sort in some way they should appear in the correct order.


all the pictures has been taken with my Sony Xperia Z with 13 megapixels. I don't have a scanner but I thought "something is better than nothing right?"  + I made this for you! I think they're really good considering the device they've been captured with.

The uploaded ones are much bigger

Secondly: You will see duplicates of the pictures since some were taken from a bad angle and caught too much exposure from the light.

Third: I did not translate at all, (115 pages with kanji's is asking a lot of my tiny little brain) but the quality of the pictures are so sharp its possible to read the kanji's without difficulties,except if you don't understand kanji...then.. sux to be you? I'm sure there's an app for that somewhere on the web ^^

And if you don't trust my word here's some samples for ya:

You will see a lot of my nails in the pictures,sowwy

                                                   Beware its about 490MB in total

You can download the files here <3

My reviews are still coming but I haven't worn the Princess Pinky Twilight blue that much and I want to write a honest and sincere review,so keep checking the blog from time to time ^^

                                                            ~~~ Love Motoko ~~~ <3

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back to basics

There's been a lot of drama going on in the gyaru community and in light of the recent events, I've started contemplating my actions, my goals and my expectations. I've been contemplating this for a long time now, at least 2 months, it doesn't sound like a long time but it is considering I NEVER ONCE thought about how my style (or lack thereof) or my makeup should be, in the eyes of other fellow gals.

I feel I've let my own integrity and self-respect suffer, on behalf of what others have expected from me. I can't do that anymore. I started out doing this FOR me, not in despite of me.

When I started looking for a community to flourish and cherish, my expectations were that the people in them were supporting, happily ready to share their interest and expertise. I thought they were genuine and a lot like me, a social outcast with a kind heart, wishing to find friends to “dress up” and have fun with. Though many are, there’s unfortunately more bad seeds than good, and too many bad seeds ruin a crop.

There is too many curtains being lifted, shedding light on the ugliness behind.
Too many who get their dreams and aspirations crushed beneath a selective few dominant ego’s.
And too many who search for happiness and acceptance only to find rejection and depression.

I see everything.

I was aware of the fact that a superficial lifestyle/fashion style would involve superficial and conceited people, but not such a high amount of them.

The words “you’re pretty” or generally words praising my looks are words I seldom heard outside of gal make. Though friends and my boyfriend tell me I am, I refuse to accept those words. Maybe because I am afraid hearing it too often will eventually make me conceited. There’s nothing wrong with my self-confidence, I’ve been raised to be judged by actions and character and not rely on my looks as that will perish with time.

When I was introduced to the groups I was eager to learn from everyone else in my groups, posting pictures to get feedback. Though I did get(and much appreciated) feedback I felt I started to change. I wanted acceptance.

“please, senpai notice me”- syndrome

That has never been in my nature.
It goes against everything I am, and still hope I can find my way back to.
I need to go about this my own way now. I need to do what I feel is right.
It’s time for me to go back to basics.

I will continue the blog ofc, not everything will be of taste for everyone but a quick push of [X] will lead you away from it and you are welcome to do so.
For the future I will be reviewing Vassen Latte Pink, Vassen/I.fairy Kirei Green and Princess Pinky Twilight Blue.

~ Stay tuned ~

Monday, June 3, 2013

Angry Rant: Why the hate?

Today when I was scrolling through my news feed there were a lot of discussion about racism in the gal community. I wondered what sparked that discussion to begin but didn't think much more about it,until someone rose the question "why is there so much hate on the black gals recently? I saw this post on G_S and...."

I normally shun that site,I've seen too many people being posted there and decided to avoid it,for my own good. But I made an exception,and looked through the recent post and I'm still shocked.

First of all:

I'm impressed at how dedicated this uploader has been in holding onto their grudge for the amount time spent on making something so poisonous,just because the fact that they're not colorblind and has become aware that there are more than one shade in skin colors. bravo. bravo.
You have been sitting there in your room,in front of your pc,intensively hating on black gals and have been focused on feeling that hate from beginning to submission of the picture. Did you really care THAT much?


What was the mod thinking? Whats the point with the mod if racism AGAIN will be spread out like a general opinion everyone should follow? And as many as 3 racist posts too?... That too says quite a lot. Consequential thinking would've lead to the thought 

"hm,maybe I shouldn't post this? people are gonna complain either way if something doesn't get posted and "what you don't know wont hurt you"

in this case".

And third:

Reading the comments and seeing people again separate black people,but this time making sub groups by shade of skin tone?" XXX is prettier that YYY because XXX is of a lighter color than YYY"?
How sick are you to come up with such a conclusion?
Many of the comments though,they just make me want to hurl. I had NO idea there were such racism going on in the gal com and whoever agrees with black= eww should be scolded with acid. kidding.not really

Why oh why does it have to be such hate on black people?
They straighten their hair = self hate and denies their origin
They keep it natural = looks dirty and messy and we don't want to associate with such people
They get weaves/wigs/extensions = they're being fake and "yeah its pretty but its not hers so it doesn't count" say the women who wears extensions themselves.

For the closet racists out there: stop,you are in no way nor will you ever be,more worth as a human being.You gave up that possibility when you thought yourself special and on a pedestal. Reflect on your opinions,if they haven't changed I hope you eat cyanide and die or at least get sterilized so you wont make racist offspring for the future.
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