Monday, July 8, 2013

How's life treatin ya?

So small life update,because I am alive and I've been doing stuff. Irrelevant stuff but stuff nonetheless.

Earlier in June, I was out with mah gurl Xiaoting, I don't have many pictures of the event since we took pictures with her camera and she'd kill me if I'd upload the one picture she took with my new phone so yeah.

I snagged this picture from her post but we both look good here so I see no reason why she would murder me for it.

She looks so cute! I just wanna pinch her cheeks and go "aww<3" sometimes!
I really want those lenses though :O

Yeah,that's true! I bought a new phone.
Me and Windows phone system does not work,I don't like those types of systems that don't allow tweaking and customization such as IPhone and WP.

So I got myself the user friendly Sony Xperia Z,which is water and dust proof so now I can play games in the shower or continue my bad habit with leaving the phone on the sink while the water is running without worrying about it being destroyed.

I made a case for it too,I've been buying a lot of decoden packs for 3$ from eBay lately too.

I'm truly in love with this phone! Though the camera could be better,it's still one of the best on the market and I took all my pictures from Amsterdam with it^^

Yeah,I guess I didn't tell you guys I was going to Amsterdam this summer,lol. um so I went to Amsterdam in June :)

I'm kidding,I'll upload my pictures from the trip during this week while I still remember it,so my other projects will be put on hold in the meantime.

What projects??

I'm working on a makeup tutorial that was highly requested (it's still kinda baffling to me that it was so popular when it was done in a rush and poorly executed,imho)

here's another teaser btw:
Different lenses,same make.
I will be using the Pinky Twilight's in the tutorial though ^^
Hm,what else?
At the moment I'm working on my Kanji's and looking for new study options for the fall and I have a future event planned for the Norwegian J-fashion community in August so I guess that's it for now.

My future posts will be about my trip to Amsterdam and 400+ pictures taken so check back if you're curious ^^

I hope you are enjoying the summer break too


  1. I loved all the pics and especially your phone case!!! ;---;lol

    does your new phone really survive water?? I'm thinking that's aphone my bf really needs! he's dropped his old ones in the toilet so many times xD lol

    1. Thank you! ^^ and yes,up to 2 meters. So it's drop-in-toilet-proof at least XD As long as all the ports on the phone are closed its waterproof,If you drop it in a lake or ocean then you're out of luck,because of waterpressure and the fact that you kinda have to jump into the water to get it :P

    2. loool so long as it's toilet proof or even tub proof! xD

    3. I would believe so,I spilled some cola on it the other day and it was like "pshh, bish I was made for this lyfe". Just make sure all the outlets are plugged in then its good to go ^^

  2. Loved it all, especially that phone case it was really pretty ^^ i love all your posts.

    1. daaw you cutie ^^ you should try making some yourself,its so much fun and almost therapeutic sitting there glueing on stuff,piece by piece^^

  3. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. That phone case is soooo cute!!
    Both of you look so cute! Love the hair<3

    New follower :3


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