Sunday, July 21, 2013

Amsterdam Part.2

I'm a bit too lazy to upload all the pictures to facebook,also I dont really like the fact that nothing ever really disappears from their servers after uploading it there so I'd rather post them on my blog.
The Gyaru-meet will be up today(sunday) or early monday ^^

Shopping with Naoki ^^
We went to Primark,and wow I love that store now :O even though I didnt buy a lot of stuff there :P

only reason I remember is because of the name
The trams ran constantly from this stop so it was hard getting pictures without the big white n blue's!

Spui-second stop,it's close to the first one but this place was a bit more quiet

Random picture from the meet ^^ Naoki and my bestfriend Michelle^^
Random picture of me from the meet ^^

I loved this sign so I tried taking it from the tram in speed XD
it's a bit blurry but its readable at least

Dam square pictures coming up!

Leidseplein! or Lights square if you'd like ^^
also one of my favourite areas !

Bilmer arena

Station zuid or south

Pathè Cinema

You should've seen the stank eye I got from his girlfriend after taking this picture :P
snooze you loose bby
Biljmer at night

I call this the random section since I don't remember the names of the streets in these pictures


Anne Frank's house
Only time we got close enough to the house,to see the door.
The lines in the daytime is redonk.

And thats it for now,a more extensive blogpost will be up later ^^
sorry for writing such short entries the last few weeks,there's been a lot stuff going on and not enough time to spare for my blog :/

anyway, I hope you enjoyed this^^

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