Sunday, December 30, 2012

My new microphone sEX1

My new sEX1 toy
So...yeah, I finally decided to take
my singing to a new level, +1 level
I guess ^ ^
I got tips as how to find a good/decent studio mic from a friend,and made the decission to just do it.
I felt it had to be now or newer. Yolo. I always postpone stuff untill the very last second and I'm trying to change that part about me. Besides, postponing stuff like this would have resulted in me laying on my deathbed and shouting "I should have bought that SEX1" , then passing silently away , and people around me frowning at the stuff I just said,and that being my final words . *Funny picture*
No , that will be my new years resolution . Stop with the postponing. That and some other things...
Im really looking forward to using it, only, I forgot to buy a piece thats kinda essential for it to be used properly, but no biggie. I'll try to use it tomorrow without that little essential piece.
Im thinking I'll try to cover Rihanna's Diamonds since it's THE song atm, then going over to something a little more advanced like Toberu Mono, I simply love that song ^ ^
Since I'm terrible at saying the word "no" and NOT being a people pleaser, I ended up buying more than just a mic. I bought a Steinberg extern soundcard thingy which Im also looking forward to play around with, though I most definately will end up being angry, frustrated and sworing off from "ever trying to use such crap again" and it being "a lousy piece of shit I never should have bought", with it being trown inside a closet and collecting dust for 2 months , and me retrieving it and then suddenly understanding how it works. That's just how I operate stuff. Guess I'll write an update later ^ ^

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vassen Barbie Queen Blue Review

So... This is my first review of circle lenses , though I've tried and used many .  Maybe I'll write more reviews if people find it interesting^^

A little info on the actual lenses:
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 Year disposal

I bought these lenses roughly 1 month ago and they've been my favourite everyday lenses during this time .
I bought them at:

The color and pattern shown on the pictures on the site does not correspond to the real color on the lenses in real life , they're a probably two shades darker , showing a more sea blue/navy blue color . The color is really natural but still noticeable without giving a creepy eye effect to strangers .
I've noticed that they tend to be a little droopy on the eyes ( or one of them at least ) , but I think that is individual and that doesn't mean they'll do that on everyone else wearing them .
My natural eye color is a warm red/brown color and the lenses does an awesome job hiding them and blending in with them,so thumbs up for anyone with brown or darker eyes. However I do believe they'll look good on people with green or blue eyes,but then the point in wearing blue lenses when having blue eyes seems a bit redundant.

I've been wearing them for hours and they do get a bit dry in the eyes after a while,say 4-5hrs,but you're not supposed to wear them for that long as it does dry your eyes out and tire them. A few drops of eye drops will fix it,but one can always just take a break and take them out for a while. I usually take a few drops with eye drops and then they're good for another 4-5 hrs.
I guess some pictures are needed for this to be a review,so here is some,dreadfully uploaded by yours truly

If you decide to buy them from pinkyparadise then you'll get a cute animal lens case included for free

I Guess that's it.

Feel free to leave any comments ^^

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hater's Gonna Hate


I bet everyone has experienced, AT LEAST, once in their lifetime someone suddenly says or does something resentful towards you.
That either being a hateful comment, a hateful act like spreading false rumours, or just plain rumours about you. Or simply hating you, for you.
Now I could refer to my post about "root of evil" but sometimes it's even simpler than that.
They don't need to have any trauma or issues (well, if anyone has issues about anyone out of the blue then I'd say they have a LOT of issues) because they feel they see something in you that piss them off. That "something" may in fact be what they hate about themselves, or wish they had themselves.
Say you're a nice, outgoing and social person. Some may hate you based on their envy for your awesome social skills. But some may also hate simply by the fact that everyone around you likes you. Those are haters. They don't have a valid reason too, but they hate you. Sincerely.

They see something inside you or about you, that they dislike, and they can't wrap their head around the fact that no one else sees the same about you, as they do.
So they feel that they have to make everyone else see the same, or feel the same, and if you are popular then it's even easier for them to make that belivable. (Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber)
What should you do in the encounter of a hater?

Easy. /ignore

Trolls will keep on trolling, as long as they have something to troll about.
DONT FEED THE TROLL, it will die without attention.

And if that's not an option?

Then it depend on if you're even bothered by someone out there spreading negativity about you.
If you are then it depends on whether you're a male or a female, and if you have supporting friends/communities/family around you.

Sometimes it's not so bad that someone is out there broadcasting you, because that makes others curious about you.

"No PR is bad PR"

You might even get to know wonderful people who wants to get to know you, to judge for themselves, if you're as bad as the rumours wants you to be. #winning

If you're a man, being bothered by a hating man, then it's a child's game sorting the problem out:
Stand up to the person and if that leads to a brawl, well then you're besties afterwards (kidding you might be toast) but most guys will respect the fact that you stood up to them. Also most guys aren't as catty that they'd "spread lies and rumours" like a girl about you,but there is exceptions as always.

If you're a man,bothered by a woman,,thats's a sad case (not on your behalf,but hers) It'll probably sort itself out without you needing to interfere in it.

If you're a woman, bothered by a depends on your age. If you're young, say 15 and down, he probably likes you, but the caveman he is, he's not sure how to display it in proper fashion. If you're an adult dealing with another adult then, again wow... have a buddy beat him up (kidding.not really.really.not) He could still be a little caveman in the head,since that is just bad manners.(go away lesser man!)

And If you're a woman, bothered by another woman, or several (highly probable) well then that's just life for ya. Bitches be crazy, seriously. I've encountered both being hassled by men and women, but women are definately the worst. Passive aggressiveness and lurking behind the curtains, being all ninja about their resentment. It's a reason why I keep my bitches to a minimum, once their period syncs up with eachother it's bash out on the one that hasn't synced up with the rest. It's that or their hormones getting them to seem like they have a split personality. That being said, I do have girlfriends, but they are in no way like that, they're girls who keep their brain online throughout the month/year.
Since I know for a fact that girls are more likely to act a certain way I've written a little "Guideline" to know how to identify certain "people".

When it comes to me, I'm not that famous that people hate me in an instant, in fact, most people find me charming and cute with a strong personality in their first impression. That, in some cases, some people (very few) find as a threat to their position in the "pack". Though I'm not a person looking to start trouble, or even try to "steal" anyone away, there is that occasional bitch that thinks I am. I'm saying bitch because women usually are the one's that is looking to stir up trouble whenever it comes to conflicts around me, and only real women gets the honor of calling themselves a woman. I've never experienced that with men. Then again, why would a man envy my looks unless he envies my new Iron Fist heels...
No, this phenomenon I've named CBS (Crazy Bitch Syndrome) and the symptoms of it are as following:

  •  May act careful and suspicious around you: not revealing personal things about themself, scoffs at your attempts to break the ice.That is,if she has deemed you a threat to her territory, the following will happen:

    •  Expect the unexpected: trust your gut feeling. Shitstorm coming up.
    • May try too hard to seem "perfect" infront of others, preferably men.
    • Will look for ANYTHING bad (or stuff that can be twisted around until it's bad) about you.
    • Once she's found it, you'll be put on blast.
Most commonly, there will be no forewarning about the blast, and you'll probably be surprised.
  • May try to put you down infront of others, especially people that do not know you well enough to make a decision about whether or not they like you.
  • May try to get on your good side, to get any gossip about you.
  • May (if a decent relationship has been established) give you insults about you, wrapped inside compliments to throw you of guard
  • May try to steal your male friends,or your boyfriend (depends on how desperate she is to break  you down)
If you encounter any of these signals, well keep your distance and be prepared I guess?
Some may feel they deserve the critique and some may feel that they should ignore it, and some may feel they have to defend their integrity. There is no right or wrong in these kind of circumstances (try to avoid fights and killing, ofc). It's just about how you will be able to handle it afterwards. If you're able to brush it off like the bug it is, do it. If you want to respond, then do so (constructively, that is) . If you know it's gonna eat you up inside unless you respond/unwind/let go, then do something. But don't sit there with a feeling of guilt, anger or resentment. Nobody feels you being offended.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Posting Post

Im getting request from the few (and very much appreciated) people who read my blog,that I should post more often.Really,I do try. But it's hard finding subjects that for instance motivates me to write,and on the other hand that you,my appreciated readers like to read about. I dont want to start writing diary entries about my day because that's simply the most boring thing ever to read about. Try watching paint dry or dustballs compile under your sofa and it would seem like Die Hard 1 to 5 in comparison,to my life. Ok,maybe not that bad but you get my drift.  Also,posting more often might lead to more grammatical errors in my posts. My point will get across but you might wonder why I misspelled "becouse" wrong consecutively throughout the post. I know its because,but the error is tattooed in my brain,sorry mmnmnmn. Also I tend to stray from the subject and then all is gone. When I'm writing about a topic it's because I've noticed something in my daily life, from my facebook, from the bussride to/from school or from news articles I've read. Sorry to ruin your brilliant impression of me, I'm unfortunately not so amazing that I manage to make topics out of nothing,but I am very observant and intuitive. Enough randomness, I thought I'd introduce you to japanese fashion dolls,some might have heard about if before and some might not.

Fashion dolls have been around since before the first barbie.In a way porcelain dolls are what fashion dolls are today;utterly useless but oh-so-cute and lovely to look at. I have a fashion doll myself,though not the ultra expensive type but expensive enough(cost me 14000 yen when I bought her). Back to the point: with so many other stuff and toys in the world,there isn't much more point to fashion dolls than there is to a flower,but they're cute and occasionally fun to play with(guilty as charged) and they are more a collectors item than anything else, although you will find the awkvard 50-60cm obitsu doll that has a real to the touch plastic "skin" and "real" boobs,but I dont want to know what the purpose of that is.

Soo... here's my fashion doll. Made by Azone International and based on the animè K-On,Akiyama Mio(and my Moogle and other FF-merch in the background)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alpha VS Omega

This is in a way a follow up from my last post, since I felt that my explanation was inadequate.
The root to evil might in simple terms be what dictate one's actions towards others, but that leaves too much doubt out in the open as to why someone then choose to harm instead of helping another person. Bullying in the childhood or even in early adolescence might be what triggers the hate for others. But also the feeling of inadequacy will strengthen that feeling, which again might have roots in earlier bullying. I mentioned Hitler last time, we've all heard the story about how his application into an art school got rejected and some do believe that's what tipped him over the edge. Because he felt he wasn't good enough. Then we have (what I think is a funny case) Napoleon, a man so short that the only way he could make up for it was to be in constant war with someone, just to prove himself. There is something known as the Napoleon Syndrome because of it.

I believe everyone has at least once experienced bullying in their life, but what makes me wonder besides the obvious "why do they do it?" is rather "why this or that person?". Why do some people get bullied? When you're a child then it's obvious, you either stand out like an asian among white kids, or the only redhead in the class or the smallest in the crowd or any similar reason. But when you're older, say 14 and up, those reasons fade away. That's when the bullying also becomes more sinister. There's been a lot of news lately surrounding bullying worldwide. Gangs of girls bullying one single girl, gang of teenagers bullying young homophile/homosexual teenagers. It enrages me. I cannot describe the rage I feel when I read about it, words cannot express or fathom in any concise way, what my feelings are on that subject. If anyone who's played GTA or SaintsRow and gone a bit ballistic with a car and gun, might get a hint of what I'd like to do to repetetive bullies. But I've also seen bullying be done to people who don't stand out (I've tried to stop it too), people who look like they could fit in anywhere. That's when you know that this person being bullied does not share their bullies' viewpoint. And is therefore now being punished because of it. Maybe this person has stood up for someone else, or maybe this person used to be in on the bullying of others but has realized that it's wrong. Sometimes you have people who haven't even done that, and they're still getting picked on. Some say that's because that person acts like a victim and is therefore an easy target for those primitive creatures. And some say its because that person triggers insecurity in their bullies.Yes we can all be so primitive and give into our predatorial instincts, that sounds reasonable enough. But so does this: When a predator feels insecure, like a dog, they will mark their territory. Luckily people don't go around peeing everywhere stating they own it though. But we did have an era of flag placements stating we owned it, but that's a different subject. A display of fear when trapped or a display of dominance when faced with a stranger? Which one
is more believeable; the one who shoots first then ask questions, or the one who acts in self-defence? Which one are you?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Root of Evil

I were going to post a loooong post about freedom of speech and all that,but that would seem too political and probably boring for the most part.
I would probably make my blog seem too heavy and serious, rather than easy read and easy digestible.

Though I would like to say one thing: Freedom of Speech does not require you to slander or even make fun of others that doesnt necessarily live in your everyday life. I read a comment on a newspaper article which I would like to share "To see if a joke is funny or not, take out the subject (f.ex muslim) and insert Average Joe instead,then tell it. If no one laughes then that is your answer"
And please,stop hating on muslims and what not. Its getting old,and bombed.No ones making fun of atheists and agnostics so one should show the same curtesy the other way too. And dont even start with the thought "but religion is the source of all evil" becouse that just goes to show how little you think for yourself. If you take out "religion" in that sentence and put in "belief/ideology" then you're getting somewhere. Oh snap now its getting heavy. well whatever,I'll explain:

You will find bastards throughout history who has done atrocities against other humans just on the basis of some kind of belief. Take Hitler and nazism "the jews are doing better than the average german,that must be becouse they're corrupt". 6 million dead jews was the result of that. Even before that,we can find numerous killings of people done either by organizations driven by some ideology or countries making some people nearly extinct. To say that all muslims are extremists is like saying all blonde haired and blue eyed people are from Sweeden. Its extremely rude and just fuels the hate among people. My perception of the root to all evil(though a bit simplified and shortened here) is bullying. If anyone has ever played a practical joke on a cat before,then you know what I mean. The cat will come back around and bite you in the leg several hours after the joke had been executed. The same way women can do after someone's done them harm. What im trying to explain here is,anyone who has been bullied, has also thought of revenge and even if that revenge couldnt be executed at that time,it can in the future.Carefull planning, or even just letting that rage consume and drive you towards the goal,THAT's the root of Evil.

I promise my next post will be more fluffy fuwa fuwa ^^

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hackers in the Sandbox

From time to time, we read about recent cyber crime, such as hack-attacks or cyberbullying.
People with or without techniques, abusing their right to say whatever, just because of selfishness.
That is what this is really about, it's about us, back inside the sandbox, defending our sandcastles with mighty words like "justice" and "freedom of speech".

In the end it's all about protecting our little sandcastle, our domain, in the sandbox we call the Internet. We have rules in society, in countries and at home. Some are needed, some are there to hinder, some are there to protect. But the bottom line is that we in general need them. But what of the Internet? Someone once said "the Internet is like the wild west". I tend to see it as a grey zone, since all rules about the internet is connected to the country it serves, and all countries have their own rules of use accordingly. There isn't (as far as I know) a comprehensive set of rules that goes for all on the web, but we do have moral indexes that tells us what goes and what doesn't.
 We have all heard of the hacker group Anonymous. At least all of us who own a PS3, or have been affilliated with Sony in any way. They were behind the cyber attack on Sony's Playstation Network in 2011, resulting in the shutdown of the whole online shop for Playstation 3 content, such as games, demos, avatars etc. All those who had a Playstation 3 account were forced to change their password and remove their creditcard details, also having to request new creditcards and remove access to their old ones. Some people were even so unlucky to have their credit card information leaked, only to find out that contents over 500$ had been purchased by others than themself. I was not one of those people that had to experience that, but I did feel violated. The cause of their attack (in short terms) was because of a man named George Hotz, being sued by Sony after he leaked a code enabling the PS3 to be modded freely by the owner.  He also requested a job from them at the same time. After Sony sued,they were threatened to drop the lawsuit by a group of "hacktivists" rumoured to be Anonymous (now). They didn't drop it and the rest is so last year.

Now what I hate about this case is this:

It was caused by a small group of people, but harmed over 26 million users of the Playstation Network, including me.

They did this for such petty reasons as "we bought it, we own it" even if it says in Sony's Terms of use that you don't.

It didn't harm Sony directly (take the beef up with them why don't you)

It was plain childish.

By childish I mean,that their reaction is the same you get when you tell a spoiled rotten kid  "No" and that being their first time hearing it. The reaction is of course high protest, or screaming, in this case a cyber attack saying "whatever, whatever I do what I WANT!" I'm getting of topic.

I usually read about these kind of things, simply because it interests me. Instead of insulting people in their face, we have turned to cyberspace for saying things we don't dare utter in Real Life. It's an interesting development in the human society, in my opinion. Even by writing this on a blog "anonymously" I'm expressing my opinion and in a sense being a hypochrite. Though in reality I tend to say exactly what I want, especially if its needed to drag someone down to earth again. What I find sad and in a way, pathetic about hackers are the fact that they only do the things they do, for their own selfish reasons. I've never ever read about them doing any good, well not entirely true, they did hack the Norwegian terrorist Anders B.Breivik's facebook and computer. But it didn't do any good because the information had been tampered with, in the bureaucrats eyes. But never have I read "Hackers gathered to bring down human trafficking network" or "hackers help police catch large pedophile network". They never do things for the sake of others. But hey,"as long as I can PWN 12 year olds playing COD, it's aight?".

Food for thought?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Multiculturalism and MakeUp

Catchy title eh?
This has been an issue I've been thinking about a lot, or well after a Norwegian girl commented on my makeup saying "wow it must be hard for you to find a foundation that matches your skintone!?".Bitch please, I'm not that dark, is what I thought at the time,but now I've started to feel otherwise.
I have always thought it was a given fact.  Claiming to be a multicultural country, therefore being accommodating and including to the point of everyone sitting around a bonfire singing "hallelujah", that even fashion aspects would be a part of that. Living in Norway, I've always thought us to be very including towards ethnicity, culture and sexual orientation. I mean, we haven't banned hijabs in school and in the public like France, or have very strict rules when it comes to immigration and reunification of foreign families, hell we even accomodate gay marriages.Now the latter has achieved a lot these past 7 years, I however can't seem to find a decent foundation in my skintone.

"Can't seem to find the right shade? How so?"

Well it so happens to be nonexistent in Norway.  I'm not particularly dark,nor am I fair and white.
Im mixed,and the outcome is a colour that is not accustomed to the norwegian market,when it comes to makeup. Of course there are other things too that pisses me off but that's a different topic. If I were to describe my color it would be something of a Norwegian girl after her first tanning session at Brun&Blid(Tan&Happy?) before succumbing to tanorexia and putting even the darkest africans to shame. I have truthfully searched high and low for a foundation in the right shade, spending over 2000kr (250euro aprox+/-) in the process, and I found it, just not in Norway.

I've been to all the perfume and "high class" makeup stores to try and find a shade that accomodates me, only to see myself looking like an orange in the mirror later, I've even gotten help from the clerks/makeup girls and still walking out looking either half dead or completely Ganguro (look it up).  After a while, after all tried & failed attempts, I started to notice something. All shades from all international makeup market product lines imported to Norway, were with undertones of orange. And the darkest shade I've seen so far was something a la Rihanna'09, sorry Naomi Campbell, try the UK or our neighbor Denmark and Sweden instead.  I've checked L'Oreal and all their daughter sites, Maybelline, even high standard ones like Lâncome, Dior, Gucci and so on. I'm not saying they don't exist, they just don't exist HERE...

So I was very happy once I found my favorite foundation as of yet, on DFDS Seaways cruise headed to Copenhagen. That foundation comes from Estèe Lauder's Invisible Fluid makeup line, in the shade 1WN2.  In contrast to shades carried out in stores here, this one has yellow undertones.  Yes because everyone doesn't suit orange undertones like most Norwegians have. I can say this because I'm half white so I'm not being racist. Norway, why u be racist?? :'C

Food for thought?

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