Sunday, July 21, 2013

Amsterdam part.3 - The International Gyaru meet 2013

The day of the meet was a bit stressful, I don't remember exactly what we did the day before but I remember going to bed quite late and getting up feeling stressed and short of time... I was going to curl my hair but I didn't have time for that and I really regret it seeing the pictures from others who has blogged about it :/ but oh well,no point crying over spilled milk ^^

Either way,we got there a bit late,but everyone was waiting (not just for us but for everyone else as well) so there wasn't any trouble finding the place at least. Jeez,I was so nervous and shy. It felt like everyone knew each other and I was an outsider... well,lol I was but you get what I'm saying. So I really tensed up because of it :/

This is the park where we had the picnic

Such a beautiful park, I really loved being here ^^

Amsterdam Part.2

I'm a bit too lazy to upload all the pictures to facebook,also I dont really like the fact that nothing ever really disappears from their servers after uploading it there so I'd rather post them on my blog.
The Gyaru-meet will be up today(sunday) or early monday ^^

Shopping with Naoki ^^
We went to Primark,and wow I love that store now :O even though I didnt buy a lot of stuff there :P

Monday, July 15, 2013

Amsterdam Part. I

I went to Amsterdam in late June to visit my best friend and to go to my first Gal meet(which was really fun btw :D) but I'll get to that later^^

The country side of Norway,about 10min outside of Oslo.

First we took the direct train to Gardermoen Airport and I decided to take some snap shots

I don't know why,but getting seats near the wings always calms me.
Yes I have flight anxiety,must be the fact that if that metal canister DOES decide to drop out of the sky I'll be one of the first to panic and jump out before we even land in the water.
"that doesn't make any sense... :S"
Nope,but then again do crazy people make sense?

Monday, July 8, 2013

How's life treatin ya?

So small life update,because I am alive and I've been doing stuff. Irrelevant stuff but stuff nonetheless.

Earlier in June, I was out with mah gurl Xiaoting, I don't have many pictures of the event since we took pictures with her camera and she'd kill me if I'd upload the one picture she took with my new phone so yeah.

I snagged this picture from her post but we both look good here so I see no reason why she would murder me for it.

She looks so cute! I just wanna pinch her cheeks and go "aww<3" sometimes!
I really want those lenses though :O

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