Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Horrendous Trip To waitforit... Part I



I forgot to tell you,my trusted reader's that I was going to Germany for the easter.
Well I'm here now,in Heidelberg located in Baden-Wurthenburg. Same place as Michael Fassbender's birthplace.

And if I sound horrible,mean or just simply awful,I apologize in advance as this trip has left a sour distaste in my mouth. You have been warned

recap of the travel:

A dude checking to see if the plane will hold for another roundtrip without tightning the screws

Southern part of Norway,Sørlandet.

I left from one of the smaller airports in Norway,Rygge around 1530.
In the horrendous Ryanair plane long before takeoff, some stewardesses were nagging at me to turn of my electronical equipment which was already turned off...I wasn't even allowed to WEAR my Beats by dre (dafuq?) which I found obviously annoying and weird since I'm pretty sure the plane wouldn't drop nosefirst into the sea or Netherland for that matter if I wore them during take off.

After a while (5 min) I got bored, yes I'm very impatient. So I looked through my black-hole-of-a-bag and took out my Nintendo DS and started playing on a new game I hadn't completed yet, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, liking it so far btw. Then this little boy in the seat next to my boyfriend started looking at me with big innocent puppy eyes,longing for my NDS and you know what I did?

Nuthin, I don't like to share my toys with children,mostly because I don't like them. Nothing personal. Come back when you're 18.

But him glaring at my NDS wasn't the biggest source of hemorrhoids, that clusterf*** was located infront of me, a girl about his age and she was making hellalot of noise, even my headset couldn't cancel that noise... and she kept staring at me like I was some kind of monster, probably was in her eyes, for not borrowing my toys so they could shatter them into tiny bits of pieces making my things f'***** up beyond redemption/repair# fubar.

When we landed in Frankfurt-Hahn me and my boyfriend had to wait for his mother to come pick us up, which happened an hour later because of his siblings screwing around with his mother's GPS ,leading her about 15 miles astray of her destination... Once she showed up I learned yet another lesson, that she wasn't going to drive us to Heidelberg, she was going directly to Frankfurt to take a flight and that we had to take a train to get home to Heidelberg....y.e.y

The drive to Frankfurt took 3hrs aprox, I snoozed out on the drive, sitting there drooling on myself,thats how tired I was. Once we got there we said our goodbye's to my boyfriend's mother, then tried to figure out where our hellride would lead us next.

We went through the airport terminal, to the long-distance train lines and asked for help for where to go next, Germans are surprisingly nice! On the way down to the track lines we stumbled upon the coolest train station I've seen yet.

The roof was made up by carved mirror looking shapes,placed in patterns making it look like the inside of a carapaced animal. I really liked that station,so it was the first positive sight I'd seen from that part of Germany on our trip so far. I forgot to mention but after we landed in F-Hahn the buildings on the way out looked like remnants from WW2...not a pretty sight, rather depressing actually. Once we got down to our platform,we found that our train was 20 min late. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!
We had a transiton in our itinary but that's fine right? if it's a connecting train they'll wait right? like they do in Norway,where there is only one station that connects north from south? please tell me they do?

grumpy cat says no

We waited...20 min BS,German public transportation being renowned of punctuality and today they figured  "meh...don't feel like living up to that today" we waited for 40 min for that stupid train to arrive... and then we went on the wrong part of the train too,because of the stupid woman in the cubicle telling us that was the right part for us to board. So we didn't have a seat or anywhere to place our luggage for the next following 40 min.

When we got to Mannheim and had to get off to make our already-way-gone-connecting local train we were stuck there for a good 30min or so waiting for another train which we knew wouldn't bring us to our final stop. Once that train appeared two German men told us not to board it in some kind of english,though it sounded like they didn't want us to get on at all,at the time(they sounded angry when they shouted at us from the back of the train). They insisted on us boarding the third wagon/cart then they tried to explain that the previous wagon/cart wouldn't go any further. We then asked politely if they knew where our station was and how we could get there, they told us to just ride this train for the time being, then we had to change yet again   T^T
They went off earlier, while we were standing there like sheep without a shepard...Then a young German man asked if he could see our mangled piece of printed googlemaps paper to help us out further, he then told us we didn't have to change trains again,to just stay on this one because it would change its lines to take us to our final destination. YEY :D!!!!

Once we got off at Heidelberg-Schlierbach/Ziegelhausen I was ready to cry out of relief and sheer tiredness.  You see, I had only slept for 2 hours that night so I was kinda ready to sit down wherever and call it home for the night and that was unmistakenly a reason why I went into a temporary drooling coma in the car from the airport. Aaand probably why I disliked children more than usual that day.
 We walked from the station to the apartment and I don't remember much of what happened after I got inside though I woke up at 1500 the day after. I think we got home at around 12 pm/00:00 that day.
We had been travelling for 12 hrs in total.
Helltrip with happy ending,since this place is really beautiful. And all the houses! They're so cute!
They look like the hut from Disney's Snow-white,this city has beautiful architecture.

I didn't do much yesterday, we went to the store and bought some food and watched movies until it was time to go to bed, today however we went to the centre and shopped a little, I bought myself some things which I'll share in a new post later I guess^^

So that's how I'm spending my easter for the time being,how are you spending yours?

Conscious Shopping or...?

I just had a thought I felt like sharing with you.
Today my boyfriend got called up by Greenpeace about their project with H&M and their Conscious collection.

In short the Conscious collection by H&M is all about degradeable fabrics,less chemicals in the production of the clothes and better benefits for their employees working with the clothes.
I'm not going to be all political and cynical about how much of the profit goes to the employees in Bangladesh and soo on,but I was thinking about less multimillion$ corporations selling and producing clothes,the "little man".

Here in Norway and throughout europe we have a lot of brandstores; VILA,Vero Moda,Jack&Jones,Pieces, and they have one thing in common,they're all part of Bestseller A/S founded by the same Danish man. Though one of the biggest and bestselling brands in Europe.
Other noteworthy stores are Lindex and Kappahl,but I don't know they're operating outside Scandinavia. All of these chains has started their "way to a more sustainable future" and I think it's a great initiative of course,but I am afraid that stores that can't compete financially and is prohibited financially isn't able to make the same measures.

I see what H&M gains by doing this,they're international and has been involved in some quite controversial exposion lately,by doing this they redeem themselves and get to play the "good guy" by showing of their positive intention of a better future...and it doesn't hurt to kill a little competition along the way. Don't get me wrong I love H&M, 3/4 of my closet probably consist of their clothings.
I even have some of their Conscious collection clothing,but that was just an added bonus to a nice dress. If every company must follow in their footsteps they have to increase their prices too and I'm a poor student. So for now I'll shop for myself and what my total allowes me.

OK. Random Rant done.

On different and slightly ironic note,I bought myself a fullview mirror today so I might if I dare,post some outfit photos later  \(^ ^)/

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My story so far...

Ugh...I hate telling about myself because I suck at it,and what's relevant for this question,depends too much on the circumstances and my ability to convey this in an orderly fashion...
I think im going for the list version...yeah I'll do that...ok here goes:


Motoko,I'll go for that pseudoneum for the time being,in case I write something controverial and spark ignitioning never know..


hmm,a lady never tells...let's just say I'm young and considered an adult in america and my own country


I'll start from the beginning then. I started drawing like most kids,in kindergarden,and continued doing so through my whole elementary school,mostly to vent my frustration by being bullied in school for everything they could find that was "wrong" with me. During that time,I discovered another source of venting out my anger and stress,singing. I don't draw that much anymore,one occasional drawing/painting here and there,but only when I get inspired but I do sing on a regular basis. I think I started to take my singing seriously when someone told me I had talent and potential when I was 12,still I the only audience I had then was my stuffed animals and an annoyed mother who had to listen to my singing,hour to hour with no end. The first time I managed to conjure up enough confidence to sing infront of any live (and neutral) audience was when I was 14,at a youth club. The leader for that youth club was doing a bachelor or masters degree in something music based and wanted to put together a band which he would mentor,and he wanted me as the vocalist for that band,and I agreed to do so,though some reluctantly in the beginning since I was (and still is somewhat shy). I think I sang in that band for 4 years  or so,but then things weren't that fun or inspiring anymore because of different things. I still sang in choirs in school and some off projects here and there. Now I mostly record covers for myself and friends,but I'm content with doing that for the time being since I STILL have stagefright...

But where does your asian culture interest come from then???

I had a couple of asian friends growing up,so some things came from them,at least my appetite :P
But I think the first encounter I had,that sparked it was when I was 8. I had just gotten my first Playstation and my mother insisted in only buying 2-player games so the first game I got was Bust-A-Groove made by Enix(now Square Enix)...I hated it in the beginning,but it grew on me,won't say I love it but it has sentimental value and it brings nostagic memories back^^

However this is not my point,though it is japanese and ironically linked to my next point. With the PlaystationOne's there were also a demo disk that followed and on mine there was a couple of game demos but mostly trailers. I remember watching the trailer for Final Fantasy VIII,and I nagged my mother to bring me to a store to look for it but that never happened,though me an ol'FF8 are quite aqcuainted now^^  that was the little ember that lit the fire.

The second was a demo for Ghost In The Shell,which had a bit of a sexual intro with Motoko Kusanagi naked on a couch controlling a Fuchikoma. But that's not what was interesting though,it was the character art,the way their eyes were made.

Animè,Manga, far videogames has made the deepest impact on me and I still enjoy playing many new and old ones. But also music played an important role.
The first japanese song I ever heard beside soundtracks on the previously mentioned games,was Ayumi Hamasaki's UNITE.

I think I hated it in the beginning,thought it sounded stupid,then it grew on me,now im a bit embarassed to say I love it >.<
After that,or inbetween me completing Kingdom Hearts I started searching up videos of Utada Hikaru,and she's my favourite singer by far. Sanctuary/Passion is still one of my favourite songs and so are the games for that matter. With that,I was hooked and still is. I started researching history,culture, popular culture...

Beside all this heavy text,I like to create/make, modify things. I'd say I'm pretty good at "making lemonade" using whatever I can find to create something new. I'd post picture's but I've sold most of my creations,not for a lot of money,I'm not THAT good... anyway,this was most of my hobbie's and how I discovered them. For more go here , I'll try to update this one if anyone is curious^^

That's it for now ^^

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Latest make-up buys and my new bag! * PictureHeavy*

A friend of mine requested that I share my latest make-up buys,seeing as there were a lot of them and curiosity calls for an answer when it comes to the different products I use,so here goes:

Different mascara's

Eye moisture creme and moisture creme,both with vitamin E

Eyeshadow palette from Chanel
It came in such a nice little pouch! ^^
I really like the colors,the are richly pigmented so they show up pretty well

These are the best eyeliners ive ever tried,especially the silver one.
It doesnt smudge,or wear of for several DAYS if you
dont rub it off with soap and water

Skin79 Oriental Gold
I haven't used it a lot since it has too much grey undertones,maybe I'll give it away ^^

It came with  blush / lipgloss+ mirror in the lid

H&M lipstick
pretty cheap and the color is nice

Lancôme La Base Pro
a girls best friend for those extra special days,or just for the ones wanting to smooth out their pores^^

Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupte nr.13
I really love this lipstick,the color is really vibrant and you dont need a thick application+ it makes your lips smooth

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone mascara base
I don't really use it that much,bought it mostly because of the brush which is excellent on lower lashes.

Lancôme Double pack with Hypnôse Drama and Hypnôse Doll eyes

Safe to say I prefer the doll eyes one since the brush can reach into the corners of your eyes without smudging a lot
There's too much drama with Drama;the brush is angled,wavy and difficult to manouver.

HR Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Waterproof

Ah Helena! Can't say anything negative about their mascara's,they're top notch.
They promise what they deliver and the formula is less straining on the lashes,making them last longer before they shed.

HR Surrealist Everfresh mascara

It had such a temptating brush and it says on the package that the formula keeps the application fresh,which I hope means that it doesn't give mascara fallouts

Estèe Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup

             This is my everyday foundation,its a bit pricey but not as much as the big selling brands.
                            I love this one since it's the exact right color and tone of my skintone.

Elinor Pocket Tote
And my new bag from accessorize.
I've been stalking it for some time now since I needed a bag with enough space for my laptop and books + I loved the minty pastel color.

You can find the bag here ^^

Well that's it,hope you enjoyed the trip into my makeup box (^^)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Date with Xiaoting and the following week

Last Saturday,not the previous one but the one before that,I met with Xiaoting,a fellow and perhaps a bit more famous Gyaru in the community. We got to know eachother after she hosted a small x-mas workshop in Dec.2012 which I had a lot of fun attending ^^.

I was hoping to meet other gals there but it turned out to be a more intimate evening with just me, Xiaoting, Ingvild and Jannicke but I won't complain, because I did have a lot of fun and I got to know each of the girls a bit more personal then what I would've done if it had been 20 others in the room.


We met at Outland (a comic/bookstore that sells popular merch and manga) in Oslo Centralstation, looked at some of the stuff inside Outland and of course I found that moogle cushion I still want-but-is-still-too-expensive-to buy  so we had to depart once more...sigh...
Then we walked to OsloCity and bought ourselves BubbleTea and enjoyed that,while Xiaoting showed me her latest online loot which she had gotten in the mail.

After the BubbleTea we just walked around talking about this and that,looking at some clothing stores along the way. I don't remember precisely when we went there but a positive surprise I noticed were that we had the same taste in many of the things we looked at,especially some shirts at BikBok^^

After that we went to Neo Tokyo ( the ONE japanese store that sells japanese merch,clothes,otaku related stuff,magazines and food) to get my monthly dosage of Ageha. After we had looked through the other things in the store,we left and ran into some of Xiaoting's Lolita friends who were having a Lolita/ Potter meet-up and then we went to Burger King to eat and camw**** for a bit^^.
I've never camw***** in public before so this was a first,and it was FUN! >:D

I think this one is the best of them

My stupid finger in this one :/

Not the best angle for me,but Xiaoting looked so cute here so I'll share it anyway^^

I think we drew some attention to ourselves while we were taking pictures in our little booth,even though we didn't use a flash or were standing on top of the table topless,you know,typical things that would make strangers frown at someones behavior. There were this one woman who kept frowning at us,she was either jelly at our youth or the fact that her husband seemed interested,with the rest of the male's inside the room. JK.. but she were frowning at something.

After we ate,we walked down Karl Johan to Østbanehallen and tried to take some pictures there but the wind were awful so it was a bit difficult trying to take some without looking like a tornado had sweped by. This always happen when a girl fixes her hair,its like a given. For example,the lipgloss/lipstick dilemma: everytime you apply some sticky gue on your lips,your hair is there to get tangled up in them.
While we were figuring out how to take pictures,a stranger walked by and wanted to be in it,a bit surprising and awkward but ok I'll play along,hence this picture.

It was fun though,he was so cheerful and nice and then he took this picture of Xiaoting and me.

Im truly amazed that he managed to take a decent picture of me,first and only try too. Im envying Xiaotings dress in this picture*jelly*

After that we went our separate ways and went home to my birthday party,I havent gotten around to transfer the pictures to my laptop yet so *to be continued*
I had a good time actually,and I got some presents too,some which shouldn't be shown on the blog so I'll leave it at that^^.

I haven't done too much other stuff, I've mostly been preoccupied with lectures and "homework",but some lectures are too comatose-inducing so distractions are easy to come by when you've just recently installed purikura apps on your phone.

Let me show you exhibit Nr.1 :

You don't really see it beneath all the purikura overdose,but I was reading about Don Quixote know...bored.

 And exhibit Nr.2 :

Yeah,you get my drift ^^

Beside school I've been playing and completing Ni No Kuni and I loved it! I still have the itch to play it,but I don't wanna play the same game over again when I have just recently completed it. Im savoring it for a rainy week ^^ although I've completed Final Fantasy X 8 times... But I never get tired of that game,its my alltime favorite. Still waiting Square Enix...STILL waiting.

Hm whatmore to share...oh!

This recent saturday I went to a dogpark with my "father-in-law"'s dog,Dina
I don't have any pictures of her this time since I was busy not getting rammed by random dogs,running towards me not minding if I were in the way or not.
One of them tried peeing on my Timbalands,and the first reflex I had was to push it over,and so I did. He fell. And I laughed. My poor friend wasn't that lucky,and got peed on,but fortunately came prepared and had some waterproof and winterfriendly clothing on. Here is some other pictures from an earlier visit to the dogpark near our famous Vigelandspark:

The Monolith: centerpiece of Vigelandsparken

Still the Monolith

Dina sniffing other dogs and playing around

Btw, Xiaoting's blog is right here

And I guess thats it,hope you enjoyed reading this ^^ It was kinda refreshing and nice being this  open in a post for once, Motoko out <3

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Diving into a different culture = Denying your own?

I think this is a controversial topic that many can relate to.
I'm into Japanese culture, always has been but I don't want to be Japanese (no offence). If I had the option of molding how I wanted to look before I was born I'd probably borrow traits from all over the world. We live in a world where ones appearance is constantly judged upon by eachother, and I think we should all be a bit more tolerant towards eachother when it comes to that subject.

A couple of years ago there was this hysteria about asians doing plastic surgery on their eyes, called Asian blepharoplasty,and the media condemned and labelled this as asians trying to be caucasians.
Here's different before and after picture's of asians who has done A-Bleph:

Now, to me none of these women look any LESS asian to me because of what they did with their eyelids. I don't know the percentage of asians who are born with the so-called-and-desired double eyelid (eyelids with a crease) but they do exist, and I read somewhere on the wide web that its close to 50/50% with the desired crease. I get the fact that the media is trying to spice up their articles with this kind of controversy, but where is the moral compass when they consider the consequences by doing so?
There has even been some attempts at implying that Beyonce is trying to be white because of her blonde hair...
I'm starting to feel tired of even relaying my opinion on this matter but it seems independent thinking is SO 1600s

Nobody EVER points the finger at the white women who clearly has fillers in their lips, the women with black hair, the ones with crazy tanorexia or the ones that comes in the super deluxe package with all of the above

This girl has done it all,but do people tell her "You're stealing *insert culturename here*!" ?


Double-standards and hypocricy...

Props to this girl for doing what makes her happy despite the criticism she gets on a daily basis.

Back to the point.

Before the Asian eyelid surgery hysteria, there was Michael Jackson who people claimed to be wishing he was white because of his skin disease, the nose jobs and so on.

Why do we allow ourselves to be denied the influence of other cultures?

This girl has taken on the B gyaru style --->
A style that shares some characteristics with the hip hop culture, commonly associated with black people

This woman has adopted the cyber-punk/emo/goth style, a style that when it comes to mind, you'll think of caucasians --->

Lisha,you can find her blog here ^ ^
And here's a black girl who have embraced gyaru, a popular trend in Japan, which has elements of American culture in general --->

What is my point?

What one society deem beautiful and appropriate, another may deem distasteful and inappropriate.
In the east, they prefer lighter skinned girls because that plays into the thought of her being rich and catered to, since she hasn't been out in the sun harvesting rice. In Africa they like voluptious women over the skinny ones because it suggests that her family has enough food to spare. A trend here in Scandinavia is having long platinum blonde/ black hair, tanned skin, big boobs and good health, what thought that plays into I don't really know, but I guess it shows wealth and some guys find it attractive that some girls are able to go to tanning salons once a week and go to the hairdresser and put on extensions for 4000kr (700$ give/take). If we continue telling eachother what IS and is NOT appropriate to wear or to look then we will evolve backwards and go back in history, repeating it as we rewind.

African-Americans back at nappy fros that itch and boil the brain in its own liquids,while picking sugar cane and cotton at plantations.
Imagine Chinese people going back to harvesting rice wearing the typical triangle hat, not assembling your precious Iphone and the rest of the worlds nifty little things (Thank you very much ^ ^) or white people still running around flag poling and ruler lining the world as they please...or even worse,WW2 all over again.


Just because someone has embraced something they find inspirational and desireable,does not mean they forget their own culture and origins.
If a person does plastic surgery to alter themselves, giving the impression they discard their origins doesn't mean that they do, they have family; brothers and sisters, parents, that resemble them. They have a solid reminder of their roots in these people, and discarding their roots means they will have to sacrifice their family too, to pull of their new transformation. A very small margin would ever do that, or even be able to do that without others noticing.  Unless they claim to be adopted of course...

Though I'm not a fan of white girls tanning themselves to the point of where they're darker than my nigerian father, (because getting a tan doesnt mean you should look like an oompa loompa, thats why) I don't claim them to be stealing african culture (or the oompa loompas for that matter) because I know they FEEL beautiful and it makes them happy, and those big blue eyes, small noses aren't a common trait for africans. Please, just let people be people? However mind boggling it is for some to grasp.

And I'm sincerly sorry for this long post, but I just had to rant this out! XD almost done.

Origin and culture, they just make up one part of who we are and as independent and unique people of the world, I feel that we shouldn't force ourselves to look or act in any way just because of prejudice. Actually, I feel it's our DUTY to portray ourselves in any way we desire, within reasonable healthy limits of course.  Once an apple falls from a tree, it can seem like a pear, but when its seeds sprout and a new tree springs forth, it will still bear apples. Unless mankind plays around with genetics and makes an ap-pear/pearapple... nashi pear/apples remind me of a hybrid between the two.

back to topic.

We have a responsibility to know our own culture to prevent it dying out, but we're not obligated to practice it in our daily life.
By embracing eachothers cultures we open up a more tolerating and open path in the future, making the world less divided into different cultures and rather into one whole, one that we all can share
* insert rainbows and unicorns here*

I'm done, too tired to write more, and half of the 4 people clicking this post has probably clicked forward to see cute kittens on the interwebs instead.

xoxo,Motoko out

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