Thursday, February 6, 2014

D.I.A belt customizing

So I've been gone for a while yes I know, not because of lack of "life content" but rather because I do things on a whim. I've been rather creative and documenting the process when I'm in that mindset isn't really a priority to me. But this time my dear loyal readers I did^^

I bought this awesome belt and Japanese hips and me don't really go together,so ofc it didn't fit the way I wanted it to,so all that was left was me and my mind figuring what to do with it and me being the problem solver that I am came up with an easy breezy way to lengthen the belt without sacrificing it's identity and integrity of the design.


  1. The belt looks even more amazing after!~ Great job! <3

  2. I love the result, it's amazing! ^^

  3. You are so talented and imaginitive! I fell in love with your attitude after watching BGtG and then found your blog...that belt is so much cooler and better after your "re-touching"! (The bra was great too :) )

    1. Wow thank you<3 that's so sweet of you ^o^ I should've probably given her a link to my blog but I haven't been particularly active the last two years. Hearing you say this definitely motivates me and inspires me to start it up again!<3


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