Friday, June 14, 2013

Because Sharing is Caring

So I was sitting up late,thinking about what to write to my dear readers when it hit me "how about uploading the Ageha Eye Make Perfect book mook?"
You know,since "sharing is caring" ^ - ~
I did consider using it as a leverage for you to become my followers

                                                          "join us"* creepy voice*
But I figured "whats the point in having 400+ followers if they don't really genuinly find what I write about interesting,or funny in any way?" I'd rather have 20 who care than 400 who don't ya know?
you're welcome btw ^^
So I've been sitting here watching it upload for the last 5hrs... :S

I think all the files are scrambled in the folder but if you download the whole folder or all the files and click sort in some way they should appear in the correct order.


all the pictures has been taken with my Sony Xperia Z with 13 megapixels. I don't have a scanner but I thought "something is better than nothing right?"  + I made this for you! I think they're really good considering the device they've been captured with.

The uploaded ones are much bigger

Secondly: You will see duplicates of the pictures since some were taken from a bad angle and caught too much exposure from the light.

Third: I did not translate at all, (115 pages with kanji's is asking a lot of my tiny little brain) but the quality of the pictures are so sharp its possible to read the kanji's without difficulties,except if you don't understand kanji...then.. sux to be you? I'm sure there's an app for that somewhere on the web ^^

And if you don't trust my word here's some samples for ya:

You will see a lot of my nails in the pictures,sowwy

                                                   Beware its about 490MB in total

You can download the files here <3

My reviews are still coming but I haven't worn the Princess Pinky Twilight blue that much and I want to write a honest and sincere review,so keep checking the blog from time to time ^^

                                                            ~~~ Love Motoko ~~~ <3


  1. This is so useful, thank you so much for the scans hun! (*≧▽≦)

    1. hey no problem :D I'd wish someone else could do the same if they had the time and opportunity ^^

  2. thank you so much for this!!!<3333 I really hope this helps me improve my make; I always feel as though it's lacking! and the girls are soooooo gorgeous, ugh<3

    and don't mind your nails; they're pretty cute too! haha

    1. I'm happy to help you improve, haha it's good you dont mind I was afraid it was going to be an eyesore after a while XD I hope the quality is good enough too?

  3. wow awesome post <3333 sakurina is amazing ;w;

    1. You're welcome cutiepie <3 I know her pictures are really inspiring ^^

  4. oh lawd! I totes need that magazine. ^^ *drooling*

  5. Thanks for the info sharing, yay! n__n

    Btw, do you mind checking my new blog? n__n I'm a new blogger~

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhh so cute! I love Japanese fashion magazines! Especially anything related to Kogal and Gyaru! This is a great makeup tutorial!


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