I'm not going to go into spesifics, since pictures say more than 1000 words and google is your best friend there.
It's a japanese style and lifestyle for many,and I've been inspired to follow some if not all aspects of the style. I't makes me feel empowered and happy and I'll pursue it as long as it does so.

I started out my journey about 2 years ago,just browsing through pictures at the web and bought my first gyaru magazine ever called Egg's Beauty,and I started to pursue the looks in there since I already loved playing with makeup. I don't think I was aware of the fact that it was gyaru I was doing untill a year after maybe. I continued my gyaru transformation mostly because I for once in my life felt pretty and a little because I got compliments on "how pretty you've become".

I don't think I'll feel ugly without it,just less me because it has become a part of my life and daily routine and as long as I'm young,why not?


What I like the most in gyaru is ofc the makeup and hair. And when it comes to brands I don't really have any favourites,I go with what I can put together and what I'm in the mood for on a day to day basis. I buy a lot from H&M,some things from ASOS,my stockings/mockings from topshop.

My favourite model is of course Tsubasa Masuwaka,as fellow gyaru's probably can see in my makeup.

My style is probably a bit Otona or Onee when it comes to makeup and basic gyaru in clothing,as I mentioned I'm working on a day to day basis ^^

anything else I should add? write it in the comment section and I'll answer it ^^

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