Sunday, March 17, 2013

Latest make-up buys and my new bag! * PictureHeavy*

A friend of mine requested that I share my latest make-up buys,seeing as there were a lot of them and curiosity calls for an answer when it comes to the different products I use,so here goes:

Different mascara's

Eye moisture creme and moisture creme,both with vitamin E

Eyeshadow palette from Chanel
It came in such a nice little pouch! ^^
I really like the colors,the are richly pigmented so they show up pretty well

These are the best eyeliners ive ever tried,especially the silver one.
It doesnt smudge,or wear of for several DAYS if you
dont rub it off with soap and water

Skin79 Oriental Gold
I haven't used it a lot since it has too much grey undertones,maybe I'll give it away ^^

It came with  blush / lipgloss+ mirror in the lid

H&M lipstick
pretty cheap and the color is nice

Lancôme La Base Pro
a girls best friend for those extra special days,or just for the ones wanting to smooth out their pores^^

Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Volupte nr.13
I really love this lipstick,the color is really vibrant and you dont need a thick application+ it makes your lips smooth

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone mascara base
I don't really use it that much,bought it mostly because of the brush which is excellent on lower lashes.

Lancôme Double pack with Hypnôse Drama and Hypnôse Doll eyes

Safe to say I prefer the doll eyes one since the brush can reach into the corners of your eyes without smudging a lot
There's too much drama with Drama;the brush is angled,wavy and difficult to manouver.

HR Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Waterproof

Ah Helena! Can't say anything negative about their mascara's,they're top notch.
They promise what they deliver and the formula is less straining on the lashes,making them last longer before they shed.

HR Surrealist Everfresh mascara

It had such a temptating brush and it says on the package that the formula keeps the application fresh,which I hope means that it doesn't give mascara fallouts

Estèe Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup

             This is my everyday foundation,its a bit pricey but not as much as the big selling brands.
                            I love this one since it's the exact right color and tone of my skintone.

Elinor Pocket Tote
And my new bag from accessorize.
I've been stalking it for some time now since I needed a bag with enough space for my laptop and books + I loved the minty pastel color.

You can find the bag here ^^

Well that's it,hope you enjoyed the trip into my makeup box (^^)

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