Monday, July 15, 2013

Amsterdam Part. I

I went to Amsterdam in late June to visit my best friend and to go to my first Gal meet(which was really fun btw :D) but I'll get to that later^^

The country side of Norway,about 10min outside of Oslo.

First we took the direct train to Gardermoen Airport and I decided to take some snap shots

I don't know why,but getting seats near the wings always calms me.
Yes I have flight anxiety,must be the fact that if that metal canister DOES decide to drop out of the sky I'll be one of the first to panic and jump out before we even land in the water.
"that doesn't make any sense... :S"
Nope,but then again do crazy people make sense?

I also love taking pictures of the clouds when I'm in the air

After the we got home at my friends house,we didn't do much. We went out and ate at a Chinese restaurant and hit the sack.

The day after,me and my bf went to the Central station in Amsterdam (Centraal) to get public fare tickets. We had to go to their ticket office near Centraal,to buy the the 7-day ticket as we couldn't purchase it on board the tram.

Btw,Amsterdam I hate that sign in and out system that you have! >:C
Why would you have such a system if it wasn't there to spy on people's travelling routes hm??
not to mention,screw you over another euro or 7 if you forget to sign out... >.>
shame on you

After we bought the tickets we decided to take a canal tour(since we didn't last year)
and it would be romantic and fun to do so^^
We took a tour called "100 highlights tour" that went around the city ring(all the canals in the city centre) and got to learn a little history of the city^^

The dock near the Centraal station and also where we boarded for our Canaal tour

the first bridge we crossed under

Still close to the dock

This was a re created ship made of a historical ship that went down under its maiden voyage,similar to the Titanic which  these 2 girls suddenly decided to reenact.
You know the scene were he holds her around her hips and she thinks she can fly.... >.>
I wasn't fast enough to take a picture of it though,sowwy :/

House Boats! :D
Did you know there's about 2400 House Boats living in the canals in Amsterdam?
The government restricts any further increase of them now but the ones that are already there is just like any other house with electricity and plumbing,except it will rock you into sleep at night ^^

I had to take a picture of it,it was so cute the way it was leaning to the side

I had a better camera then you'd see a series of 7 bridges after one another through this opening

Leaning houses.
Since much of the mainland of Amsterdam is made out of swamp marshes,over the time some houses have started "leaning" up on one another,either forward or sideways.

A Modern house boat.

And that's it for now ^^ I don't know how many parts I'll make but 450+ pictures taken should make a lot of posts huh?
I think I'll crop them into 5 posts ^^

Until next post...

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