Monday, November 26, 2012

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Im getting request from the few (and very much appreciated) people who read my blog,that I should post more often.Really,I do try. But it's hard finding subjects that for instance motivates me to write,and on the other hand that you,my appreciated readers like to read about. I dont want to start writing diary entries about my day because that's simply the most boring thing ever to read about. Try watching paint dry or dustballs compile under your sofa and it would seem like Die Hard 1 to 5 in comparison,to my life. Ok,maybe not that bad but you get my drift.  Also,posting more often might lead to more grammatical errors in my posts. My point will get across but you might wonder why I misspelled "becouse" wrong consecutively throughout the post. I know its because,but the error is tattooed in my brain,sorry mmnmnmn. Also I tend to stray from the subject and then all is gone. When I'm writing about a topic it's because I've noticed something in my daily life, from my facebook, from the bussride to/from school or from news articles I've read. Sorry to ruin your brilliant impression of me, I'm unfortunately not so amazing that I manage to make topics out of nothing,but I am very observant and intuitive. Enough randomness, I thought I'd introduce you to japanese fashion dolls,some might have heard about if before and some might not.

Fashion dolls have been around since before the first barbie.In a way porcelain dolls are what fashion dolls are today;utterly useless but oh-so-cute and lovely to look at. I have a fashion doll myself,though not the ultra expensive type but expensive enough(cost me 14000 yen when I bought her). Back to the point: with so many other stuff and toys in the world,there isn't much more point to fashion dolls than there is to a flower,but they're cute and occasionally fun to play with(guilty as charged) and they are more a collectors item than anything else, although you will find the awkvard 50-60cm obitsu doll that has a real to the touch plastic "skin" and "real" boobs,but I dont want to know what the purpose of that is.

Soo... here's my fashion doll. Made by Azone International and based on the animè K-On,Akiyama Mio(and my Moogle and other FF-merch in the background)

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