Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Horrendous Trip To waitforit... Part I



I forgot to tell you,my trusted reader's that I was going to Germany for the easter.
Well I'm here now,in Heidelberg located in Baden-Wurthenburg. Same place as Michael Fassbender's birthplace.

And if I sound horrible,mean or just simply awful,I apologize in advance as this trip has left a sour distaste in my mouth. You have been warned

recap of the travel:

A dude checking to see if the plane will hold for another roundtrip without tightning the screws

Southern part of Norway,Sørlandet.

I left from one of the smaller airports in Norway,Rygge around 1530.
In the horrendous Ryanair plane long before takeoff, some stewardesses were nagging at me to turn of my electronical equipment which was already turned off...I wasn't even allowed to WEAR my Beats by dre (dafuq?) which I found obviously annoying and weird since I'm pretty sure the plane wouldn't drop nosefirst into the sea or Netherland for that matter if I wore them during take off.

After a while (5 min) I got bored, yes I'm very impatient. So I looked through my black-hole-of-a-bag and took out my Nintendo DS and started playing on a new game I hadn't completed yet, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, liking it so far btw. Then this little boy in the seat next to my boyfriend started looking at me with big innocent puppy eyes,longing for my NDS and you know what I did?

Nuthin, I don't like to share my toys with children,mostly because I don't like them. Nothing personal. Come back when you're 18.

But him glaring at my NDS wasn't the biggest source of hemorrhoids, that clusterf*** was located infront of me, a girl about his age and she was making hellalot of noise, even my headset couldn't cancel that noise... and she kept staring at me like I was some kind of monster, probably was in her eyes, for not borrowing my toys so they could shatter them into tiny bits of pieces making my things f'***** up beyond redemption/repair# fubar.

When we landed in Frankfurt-Hahn me and my boyfriend had to wait for his mother to come pick us up, which happened an hour later because of his siblings screwing around with his mother's GPS ,leading her about 15 miles astray of her destination... Once she showed up I learned yet another lesson, that she wasn't going to drive us to Heidelberg, she was going directly to Frankfurt to take a flight and that we had to take a train to get home to Heidelberg....y.e.y

The drive to Frankfurt took 3hrs aprox, I snoozed out on the drive, sitting there drooling on myself,thats how tired I was. Once we got there we said our goodbye's to my boyfriend's mother, then tried to figure out where our hellride would lead us next.

We went through the airport terminal, to the long-distance train lines and asked for help for where to go next, Germans are surprisingly nice! On the way down to the track lines we stumbled upon the coolest train station I've seen yet.

The roof was made up by carved mirror looking shapes,placed in patterns making it look like the inside of a carapaced animal. I really liked that station,so it was the first positive sight I'd seen from that part of Germany on our trip so far. I forgot to mention but after we landed in F-Hahn the buildings on the way out looked like remnants from WW2...not a pretty sight, rather depressing actually. Once we got down to our platform,we found that our train was 20 min late. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!
We had a transiton in our itinary but that's fine right? if it's a connecting train they'll wait right? like they do in Norway,where there is only one station that connects north from south? please tell me they do?

grumpy cat says no

We waited...20 min BS,German public transportation being renowned of punctuality and today they figured  "meh...don't feel like living up to that today" we waited for 40 min for that stupid train to arrive... and then we went on the wrong part of the train too,because of the stupid woman in the cubicle telling us that was the right part for us to board. So we didn't have a seat or anywhere to place our luggage for the next following 40 min.

When we got to Mannheim and had to get off to make our already-way-gone-connecting local train we were stuck there for a good 30min or so waiting for another train which we knew wouldn't bring us to our final stop. Once that train appeared two German men told us not to board it in some kind of english,though it sounded like they didn't want us to get on at all,at the time(they sounded angry when they shouted at us from the back of the train). They insisted on us boarding the third wagon/cart then they tried to explain that the previous wagon/cart wouldn't go any further. We then asked politely if they knew where our station was and how we could get there, they told us to just ride this train for the time being, then we had to change yet again   T^T
They went off earlier, while we were standing there like sheep without a shepard...Then a young German man asked if he could see our mangled piece of printed googlemaps paper to help us out further, he then told us we didn't have to change trains again,to just stay on this one because it would change its lines to take us to our final destination. YEY :D!!!!

Once we got off at Heidelberg-Schlierbach/Ziegelhausen I was ready to cry out of relief and sheer tiredness.  You see, I had only slept for 2 hours that night so I was kinda ready to sit down wherever and call it home for the night and that was unmistakenly a reason why I went into a temporary drooling coma in the car from the airport. Aaand probably why I disliked children more than usual that day.
 We walked from the station to the apartment and I don't remember much of what happened after I got inside though I woke up at 1500 the day after. I think we got home at around 12 pm/00:00 that day.
We had been travelling for 12 hrs in total.
Helltrip with happy ending,since this place is really beautiful. And all the houses! They're so cute!
They look like the hut from Disney's Snow-white,this city has beautiful architecture.

I didn't do much yesterday, we went to the store and bought some food and watched movies until it was time to go to bed, today however we went to the centre and shopped a little, I bought myself some things which I'll share in a new post later I guess^^

So that's how I'm spending my easter for the time being,how are you spending yours?


  1. Hah! At least the story had an happy ending <3
    My easter was great I spent it in Berlin :)

    1. Yeah I saw it on your blog,I wish we went to Berlin too ^^


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