Thursday, February 7, 2013

Treasure Island

This post is mostly for my fellow gals

While I'm saving up for a full view mirror (and re-organize my furniture) I really don't have any outfit photo's to post :/

Too bad really since I have a lot of cute dresses and accessories :(

I do have some photo's of my accessories though ^^

The sad part is,I have more at my mother's place >.<

I always buy too much accessories when Im on vacation,they just magically end up in my shopping bin.

2 days ago I decided I wanted to rearrange my games and ofc I had to count them,since I dont have anything to play I cant own many games right?


over 50 games all on different platforms like Pc,Xbox,PS3,PS2,PSone,Wii,NDS and PSP.
And that was just my share of games, I think my bf has around 20+

In my defence,they're pre played and bought cheap so >.>

Still I say to my bf "I dont have anything to play anymore..."
over 50 games owned #Firstworldproblems

Anyway,short post really,I don't have anything of substance to write about at the time being... I'm kinda waiting out the winter because I'm tired of my heels being wet and covered in snow the instant I get out of the door >:C

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