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1. Where are you from?

    The capital of Norway,Oslo. I've been living here my whole life ^^

2. No I meant,"what are your origins?"

    It both amuses me and annoys me when people ask me that,I don't mind it for sheer curiosity's sake
    but I don't like it when people ask for the sake of labelling me to put me into a statistic. I also do
    encourage people to guess when they ask,just to hear their answers because sometimes their
    answer tells a lot about their world view.
    I am mixed and that should be a sufficient answer in 2013 ^^

3. What shade is your skin color close to?
    I don't know,there's a lot of yellow undertones in my skin so I'm still looking for my
    "wonder formula" in terms of foundation. At the moment I've been using the Estèe Lauder
    Invisible Fluid Makeup in 1WN2, but I could probably use one with even more yellow undertones
    and a warmer shade.

4. What's your birthday?
    Secret! But I am a Pisces,for those who like to know,and think astrological signs is the right way to
    classify people :P

How can I contact you if I have questions ?

For anyone who would like to be a friend,or needs someone to talk to during hard times or anything that doesn't fit into a comment on a post or such, can contact me on motoko.mori@hotmail.com 

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