Monday, June 3, 2013

Angry Rant: Why the hate?

Today when I was scrolling through my news feed there were a lot of discussion about racism in the gal community. I wondered what sparked that discussion to begin but didn't think much more about it,until someone rose the question "why is there so much hate on the black gals recently? I saw this post on G_S and...."

I normally shun that site,I've seen too many people being posted there and decided to avoid it,for my own good. But I made an exception,and looked through the recent post and I'm still shocked.

First of all:

I'm impressed at how dedicated this uploader has been in holding onto their grudge for the amount time spent on making something so poisonous,just because the fact that they're not colorblind and has become aware that there are more than one shade in skin colors. bravo. bravo.
You have been sitting there in your room,in front of your pc,intensively hating on black gals and have been focused on feeling that hate from beginning to submission of the picture. Did you really care THAT much?


What was the mod thinking? Whats the point with the mod if racism AGAIN will be spread out like a general opinion everyone should follow? And as many as 3 racist posts too?... That too says quite a lot. Consequential thinking would've lead to the thought 

"hm,maybe I shouldn't post this? people are gonna complain either way if something doesn't get posted and "what you don't know wont hurt you"

in this case".

And third:

Reading the comments and seeing people again separate black people,but this time making sub groups by shade of skin tone?" XXX is prettier that YYY because XXX is of a lighter color than YYY"?
How sick are you to come up with such a conclusion?
Many of the comments though,they just make me want to hurl. I had NO idea there were such racism going on in the gal com and whoever agrees with black= eww should be scolded with acid. kidding.not really

Why oh why does it have to be such hate on black people?
They straighten their hair = self hate and denies their origin
They keep it natural = looks dirty and messy and we don't want to associate with such people
They get weaves/wigs/extensions = they're being fake and "yeah its pretty but its not hers so it doesn't count" say the women who wears extensions themselves.

For the closet racists out there: stop,you are in no way nor will you ever be,more worth as a human being.You gave up that possibility when you thought yourself special and on a pedestal. Reflect on your opinions,if they haven't changed I hope you eat cyanide and die or at least get sterilized so you wont make racist offspring for the future.


  1. Great post. I don't know what to say because I expect this kind of behavior everywhere even in niche communities that are outcasted by mainstream. In the cosplay community you have people saying Black people can't/shouldn't cosplay because they don't match the complexion of the anime characters. Which is funny because MOST of anime characters are Japanese!!!

    1. yes but even in cosplay it doesnt make any sense. following such logic will only lead to JUST japanese people cosplaying :S and in gyaru styles,where did their amekaji and b gal inspiration come from? manba and ganguro? the idiocrazy is infinite. But what put me off the most was the amount of hate. Too much of it. How boring life would be if we only sticked to our own? It's sad to see that there still are primitive and repulsive people who can't seem to develop any sense of intelligence around :/

  2. I just randomly come across your blog........very interesting :) Following you now.

    I hate how some people think that others have no right to follow a trend or whatever just because of their race. Really stupid. I've seen these types of issues in the cosplay community a lot. It makes me really sad. (Plus also my experience being in and out of the US to East Asia) I think every one of us have the right to do what makes us happy and we should be supportive to each other.

    1. yey^^ thank you very much :)

      Yes if we all were confined to our own cultures and people I think the world would be at a standstill. Sharing is what makes the world progress and that shouldn't be limited. By sharing the world becomes more open and tolerant and thats very important for everyone in the world. Thank you for stopping by and commenting,I really appreciate it ^^


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