Wednesday, April 17, 2013

" It's better to have loved and lost,than never to have loved at all" *PicHeavy*

Hey peeps... Sorry for not posting anything lately, I’ve been busy catching up on my reading and since my exam period is coming up I kinda had to prioritize that for the time being. But I hadn’t forgotten about my blog ^^ Actually, that’s a semi lie.
I do have my exams coming up,and I have been reading, but mostly because I’ve been living in the 80’s… You see,my Internet is gone. We got a mail from our Internet provider, about them doing maintenance of some sort and that it would be down from 10th of April, from 1am/0100 - 5am/0500.
I had no problem with that, I could for once go to bed early I thought… I didn’t ofc. But I didn’t use Internet in that time frame. I don’t remember what I did though ,but I remember waking up the day after and did my regular routine: I got up and poured myself a bowl of cereals and sat down in front of my laptop only to find that my Internet had not returned… after several diagnostics and yadayada I came to the conclusion that my Internet had left me indefinitely…
It kinda felt like a bad breakup, it was just over between me and Internet. No last words, no words to carry on into the future… no nothing. I was fine with it the first 8hrs…Then not so much.
It started to sink in “omg…what if it doesn’t come back today?? I don’t have any movies left to watch…” and I hate watching movies twice in a short time period. So I started  to get frustrated….REALLY frustrated.
So I went out shopping instead…hehe, I’ll show you the things I got in a second.
Anyway,I don’t know how I’ve coped without Internet, it’s like my guilty pleasure…and we live in a day and age where it’s constantly around us too,we’re dependent on it. I don’t have regular TV,I have streaming services… all my favorite electrical devices have Internet and are hooked together. Sigh…maybe I’m a bit spoiled but I love streaming series from my 17”laptop to my  white 50” LED Samsung TV…Ok I’m spoiled when it comes to that subject and I’ve taken my Internet for granted… that’s why he left me  TT^TT.
The bad breakup that it was,I’ve now come to terms with the situation and I’ve accepted it and moved on…kinda.
I’m lying again.
I’m using my NokiaN8 as a modem using my included 1GB of data for my addiction.
Later today a technician is coming over to check if there’s a problem with the socket, or if we’ve connected something wrong, basically just our provider looking for a loophole to ditch the bill on us.
I mean, it’s been working for 6 months now, without us kidding around with it, then when a maintenance update is being performed and done it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. Yup must be US who done did sumthin stupid. I think our modem from our providers, has fried itself, it gets hot when it’s on, REALLY hot. But I cant turn it of while I’m using it right? And a tool that breaks itself while doing it’s designated job is shit if you ask me.
But without any more rant from me, here’s the things I got on my last shopping trip^^ and a top I modified.

All the items are from H&M unless otherwise stated ^ ^

Had to have a mini mint too, to match my tote ^ ^

This dress gained my attention at a norwegian shopping outlet
and I immediately had to buy it. There's a Gyaru feeling to it :P
Dead cheap too #winning

Coral or pastel orange colored skirt

This top is from H&M but I hated the black strap fabric that came with it so
I cut them off and sew some nicer ones on instead

Navy blue skirt, because the Navy style never goes out of fashion in my opinion

Mint pastel dress

Only the skirt is from H&M's conscious collection,the top is from Vero Moda

This skirt I got from my bff Kaoru,when she was in Tokyo 2 months ago ^ v ^

I added some studs on the straps and at the edge of bra part.

Here's how it looked like before,still cool looking like this though

I'm also expecting a big package from PinkyParadise soon with some new lenses and lashes so check back in a week - 10 days from this post,if you're curious-^^

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