Monday, April 22, 2013

Freedom of speech and Self Righteousness

Thought it had been some time since I last posted something of a little more  "substance"  than megabytes in makeup pictures and latest shopping hauls, and since these are thoughts I've been pondering about for some time now I thought I'd share. Hopefully you who are reading this wont take this offensively or disagree, but in the event of butthurtness you should smear yourself up with moisturizer and acknowledge the fact that this is my blog and rather appreciate that I'm not slandering anyone even if I'm entirely capable of doing so simply because, I am not that kind of a person.

So my thoughts are:

Freedom of speech is necessary, we need to be able to share our opinions when it matters most, when injustice is prevalent but unnoticed by the majority.

We need it for a democratic society to function.  Heck we need it as an important foundation of order.

However there are those and surprisingly many who feel that their every opinion needs to be heard and ventilated for as many people possible, just because they can.

And before you realize the irony of me posting my opinions of others bullshit opinions, here ya go:

And before you think and want to reply:

I don't like "you" people. You who do and say just because you have a right to do so.
You represent a generation and nation of trolls and attention wh***s.
Don't you see you're evolving backwards?

Usually, these kind of people are the same people who practice bullying in their daily life too, just because they have an "opinion" that needs to be voiced. No matter how insignificant it might be in everyone else's eyes. Really,it's pathetic.

"You're a/an *insert offensive word here*"

"Ugly *insert offensive word here*"

"Go die you *insert offensive word here*"


There's so many thinkable solutions to that answer but the one on the top of my head is I think people who act like this are lacking something.


a brain?  a soul?  a heart?

Mostly I see this phenomenon on the Internet and mostly on American Internet sites. And I'm not surprised either, you guys have the most lenient system when it comes to freedom of speech and many of you know how to misuse it too, for the most petty reasons there is. Internet sites made entirely for the reason of blackmailing for whatever benefit, sites simply for the fun of ridiculing anyone for the heck of it, forums for bashing and slandering of others reputation.


"Because we can, we have Freedom of Speech and a right to have an opinion"

Sure you do, but is that "opinion" beneficial for you?  For your society?  For the worlds population?

You must feel insignificant when I say the worlds population, and I hope you do too.
Your self righteousness doesn't help anyone, including yourself.  By misuse of Freedom of Speech, you are spitting in the face of those who don't have that luxury. By voicing your opinion on how ugly you think your classmates/friends/acquaintances look, by posting slandering pictures of them online simply "because I can", isn't helping starving children in Africa. By spreading bad rumours of someone,will not help victims of natural disasters get a new home. By this kind of misuse you are furthering the process of eliminating your precious FoP. It's certainly not helping Bradley Manning either, though his reasons are far more legitimate than your hatred for Paris Hilton's red carpet Grammy awards dress.Or Justin Bieber.

I wish you could use you time more productively!

"Opinions" is an overstatement in those situations. You are just a self righteous, egocentric and insignificant troll.

When I see this kind of crap on the Internet, I suddenly feel overly grateful I live in Norway.
From an Americans point of view, Norwegians don't have Freedom of Speech. That's because we have a bullshit-filter in our laws. Slandering of any kind is punishable, and will be punished. However there is misuse of the FoP here too, in my opinion.

Remember the incident a couple of years ago when the drawing of Muhammad got published?
That's the one I'm thinking about. The first incident was not ill intentioned but it became so in the eyes of many if not all Muslims. Point taken and it was quiet on that front for a long time after. But there has been situations later where it has been used "just for shits and giggles" in my opinion mind you. I do understand both sides of the case, Norway has the right to publish whatever, but that does also mean we have the right to get blown to pieces for doing so. Don't poke the tiger. I don't think the reason justifies what could be the end in that case, but then again I wish some wouldn't become so butthurt about an honest mistake either :/ It was a small so-local-a-school-paper-would-have-more-readers-kind of newspaper in a secluded part of the country. Leave some room for doubt.

But enough of this. Can you believe the shit I took after I stated this opinion on the matter when I was asked about it, in Junior High school?
It was a school with a total of 3 and half ethnic Norwegians (I represent the half btw), the rest were 2 and 3. gen "foreigners". 

Fun fact: I'm considered a foreigner in my own country, with even being half Norwegian. Those of you who know me personally can imagine my surprise when I found out.

Anyway, its perfectly possible to voice an opinion without being an asshole as you can see.

It's sad that none of us can behave like civilized people on the Internet, and therefore is strenghtening the need for control by authorities. We do need laws on the Internet because we're acting like children on a playground.
And ironically enough,many of these laws are laws we can perfectly abide to in reality, but is considered OK to break on the Internet. No manners at all.

You don't go into a store and take a CD, but on the Internet it's OK to do so.
Same with movies.

You don't go to a museum, unhook a picture and walk out with it like it was yours. But on the Internet you do, and claim it yours?  And in some instances you use it to bash and slander someone.

I'm not completely innocent as you can see in my posts. I have taken pictures but only for educational purposes, and if do find the owner I ask for permission. But it irrks the h*** out of me when someone does it for intentionally hurting others.

With all the suicides, school massacres-when will you learn?  When you lose someone you love?
Must it always be when tragedy enters your own life, that change is forced?

Is it so God damn hard to use it for a beneficial reason? Not for crap like rage ventilation because of your own miserable situation.
I never take my anger out on anyone "just because I can" and if I do slip and occasionally rage on anyone, I make sure to sincerely apologize afterwards because that's what decent people do. Get a productive hobby, start knitting or something. Don't go online to bash and blast. And if anyone felt a sting of discomfort, maybe you should resonate over why you do? is it guilt? regret?

Resort your own problems, take a step back from everything and try to be a better person from now on.

This is my plead to humanity.


  1. I'm an American. I sadly report that some Americans' pettiness and how they use "their freedom of speech" is really a distraction of their own misery. You have a lot of poor people (than america likes to admit) with a lot of stuff and they feel better about themselves by making a bad guy and picking on them (rather in real life or the internet.) It's really pathetic but it shows how mentally ill our culture really is. =(

    Great post I had a couple of laughs but in all seriousness I respect your opinion because I understand your perspective and support it.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting :)I didn't think you would notice that I followed you. It's good to know that I wasn't alone in noticing this. I don't think it's only americans who are acting in this way ofc :)

    2. Yw! I appreciate the reply. ^_^


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