Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My story so far...

Ugh...I hate telling about myself because I suck at it,and what's relevant for this question,depends too much on the circumstances and my ability to convey this in an orderly fashion...
I think im going for the list version...yeah I'll do that...ok here goes:


Motoko,I'll go for that pseudoneum for the time being,in case I write something controverial and spark ignitioning posts...you never know..


hmm,a lady never tells...let's just say I'm young and considered an adult in america and my own country


I'll start from the beginning then. I started drawing like most kids,in kindergarden,and continued doing so through my whole elementary school,mostly to vent my frustration by being bullied in school for everything they could find that was "wrong" with me. During that time,I discovered another source of venting out my anger and stress,singing. I don't draw that much anymore,one occasional drawing/painting here and there,but only when I get inspired but I do sing on a regular basis. I think I started to take my singing seriously when someone told me I had talent and potential when I was 12,still I the only audience I had then was my stuffed animals and an annoyed mother who had to listen to my singing,hour to hour with no end. The first time I managed to conjure up enough confidence to sing infront of any live (and neutral) audience was when I was 14,at a youth club. The leader for that youth club was doing a bachelor or masters degree in something music based and wanted to put together a band which he would mentor,and he wanted me as the vocalist for that band,and I agreed to do so,though some reluctantly in the beginning since I was (and still is somewhat shy). I think I sang in that band for 4 years  or so,but then things weren't that fun or inspiring anymore because of different things. I still sang in choirs in school and some off projects here and there. Now I mostly record covers for myself and friends,but I'm content with doing that for the time being since I STILL have stagefright...

But where does your asian culture interest come from then???

I had a couple of asian friends growing up,so some things came from them,at least my appetite :P
But I think the first encounter I had,that sparked it was when I was 8. I had just gotten my first Playstation and my mother insisted in only buying 2-player games so the first game I got was Bust-A-Groove made by Enix(now Square Enix)...I hated it in the beginning,but it grew on me,won't say I love it but it has sentimental value and it brings nostagic memories back^^

However this is not my point,though it is japanese and ironically linked to my next point. With the PlaystationOne's there were also a demo disk that followed and on mine there was a couple of game demos but mostly trailers. I remember watching the trailer for Final Fantasy VIII,and I nagged my mother to bring me to a store to look for it but that never happened,though me an ol'FF8 are quite aqcuainted now^^  that was the little ember that lit the fire.

The second was a demo for Ghost In The Shell,which had a bit of a sexual intro with Motoko Kusanagi naked on a couch controlling a Fuchikoma. But that's not what was interesting though,it was the character art,the way their eyes were made.

Animè,Manga,videogames...by far videogames has made the deepest impact on me and I still enjoy playing many new and old ones. But also music played an important role.
The first japanese song I ever heard beside soundtracks on the previously mentioned games,was Ayumi Hamasaki's UNITE.

I think I hated it in the beginning,thought it sounded stupid,then it grew on me,now im a bit embarassed to say I love it >.<
After that,or inbetween me completing Kingdom Hearts I started searching up videos of Utada Hikaru,and she's my favourite singer by far. Sanctuary/Passion is still one of my favourite songs and so are the games for that matter. With that,I was hooked and still is. I started researching history,culture, popular culture...

Beside all this heavy text,I like to create/make, modify things. I'd say I'm pretty good at "making lemonade" using whatever I can find to create something new. I'd post picture's but I've sold most of my creations,not for a lot of money,I'm not THAT good... anyway,this was most of my hobbie's and how I discovered them. For more go here , I'll try to update this one if anyone is curious^^

That's it for now ^^

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