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Diving into a different culture = Denying your own?

I think this is a controversial topic that many can relate to.
I'm into Japanese culture, always has been but I don't want to be Japanese (no offence). If I had the option of molding how I wanted to look before I was born I'd probably borrow traits from all over the world. We live in a world where ones appearance is constantly judged upon by eachother, and I think we should all be a bit more tolerant towards eachother when it comes to that subject.

A couple of years ago there was this hysteria about asians doing plastic surgery on their eyes, called Asian blepharoplasty,and the media condemned and labelled this as asians trying to be caucasians.
Here's different before and after picture's of asians who has done A-Bleph:

Now, to me none of these women look any LESS asian to me because of what they did with their eyelids. I don't know the percentage of asians who are born with the so-called-and-desired double eyelid (eyelids with a crease) but they do exist, and I read somewhere on the wide web that its close to 50/50% with the desired crease. I get the fact that the media is trying to spice up their articles with this kind of controversy, but where is the moral compass when they consider the consequences by doing so?
There has even been some attempts at implying that Beyonce is trying to be white because of her blonde hair...
I'm starting to feel tired of even relaying my opinion on this matter but it seems independent thinking is SO 1600s

Nobody EVER points the finger at the white women who clearly has fillers in their lips, the women with black hair, the ones with crazy tanorexia or the ones that comes in the super deluxe package with all of the above

This girl has done it all,but do people tell her "You're stealing *insert culturename here*!" ?


Double-standards and hypocricy...

Props to this girl for doing what makes her happy despite the criticism she gets on a daily basis.

Back to the point.

Before the Asian eyelid surgery hysteria, there was Michael Jackson who people claimed to be wishing he was white because of his skin disease, the nose jobs and so on.

Why do we allow ourselves to be denied the influence of other cultures?

This girl has taken on the B gyaru style --->
A style that shares some characteristics with the hip hop culture, commonly associated with black people

This woman has adopted the cyber-punk/emo/goth style, a style that when it comes to mind, you'll think of caucasians --->

Lisha,you can find her blog here ^ ^
And here's a black girl who have embraced gyaru, a popular trend in Japan, which has elements of American culture in general --->

What is my point?

What one society deem beautiful and appropriate, another may deem distasteful and inappropriate.
In the east, they prefer lighter skinned girls because that plays into the thought of her being rich and catered to, since she hasn't been out in the sun harvesting rice. In Africa they like voluptious women over the skinny ones because it suggests that her family has enough food to spare. A trend here in Scandinavia is having long platinum blonde/ black hair, tanned skin, big boobs and good health, what thought that plays into I don't really know, but I guess it shows wealth and some guys find it attractive that some girls are able to go to tanning salons once a week and go to the hairdresser and put on extensions for 4000kr (700$ give/take). If we continue telling eachother what IS and is NOT appropriate to wear or to look then we will evolve backwards and go back in history, repeating it as we rewind.

African-Americans back at nappy fros that itch and boil the brain in its own liquids,while picking sugar cane and cotton at plantations.
Imagine Chinese people going back to harvesting rice wearing the typical triangle hat, not assembling your precious Iphone and the rest of the worlds nifty little things (Thank you very much ^ ^) or white people still running around flag poling and ruler lining the world as they please...or even worse,WW2 all over again.


Just because someone has embraced something they find inspirational and desireable,does not mean they forget their own culture and origins.
If a person does plastic surgery to alter themselves, giving the impression they discard their origins doesn't mean that they do, they have family; brothers and sisters, parents, that resemble them. They have a solid reminder of their roots in these people, and discarding their roots means they will have to sacrifice their family too, to pull of their new transformation. A very small margin would ever do that, or even be able to do that without others noticing.  Unless they claim to be adopted of course...

Though I'm not a fan of white girls tanning themselves to the point of where they're darker than my nigerian father, (because getting a tan doesnt mean you should look like an oompa loompa, thats why) I don't claim them to be stealing african culture (or the oompa loompas for that matter) because I know they FEEL beautiful and it makes them happy, and those big blue eyes, small noses aren't a common trait for africans. Please, just let people be people? However mind boggling it is for some to grasp.

And I'm sincerly sorry for this long post, but I just had to rant this out! XD almost done.

Origin and culture, they just make up one part of who we are and as independent and unique people of the world, I feel that we shouldn't force ourselves to look or act in any way just because of prejudice. Actually, I feel it's our DUTY to portray ourselves in any way we desire, within reasonable healthy limits of course.  Once an apple falls from a tree, it can seem like a pear, but when its seeds sprout and a new tree springs forth, it will still bear apples. Unless mankind plays around with genetics and makes an ap-pear/pearapple... nashi pear/apples remind me of a hybrid between the two.

back to topic.

We have a responsibility to know our own culture to prevent it dying out, but we're not obligated to practice it in our daily life.
By embracing eachothers cultures we open up a more tolerating and open path in the future, making the world less divided into different cultures and rather into one whole, one that we all can share
* insert rainbows and unicorns here*

I'm done, too tired to write more, and half of the 4 people clicking this post has probably clicked forward to see cute kittens on the interwebs instead.

xoxo,Motoko out


  1. I agree completely with you! It's nice someone understands.

    1. Likewise ^^ Soo happy you read my blog post! ^O^


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