Friday, February 1, 2013

Scheme or lost soul...?

Im sitting here,writing this,litterally 5 minutes after it happened.

Im at home watching my "father-in law"'s dog untill he gets home.
10 minutes ago the doorbell rang, I went to see who it was,it was neither my boyfriend or my "father-in-law" but why would they ring the doorbell if it was? They have their keys,and I didn't lock the safety lock either since I'm expecting them to come home.

It was a man,a man who made many gestures but didn't say a word.
He gave me a self made card,and on it,it said

"Hello I don't have any money,or food,the only thing I can offer is my self made cards as gratitude for whatever you can spare"

I couldn't give him anything,because I gave everything I did have of coins and cash to a homeless person yesterday. She had a white husky,and I know they eat a lot. It's worse enough to be homeless in the first place,but to have a loyal dog with you,sharing your situation and depends on you too (to a certain degree,I bet he could've catched a pidgeon or found a not-too-fresh hamburger in the dumpster if needed) but I felt it was the right thing to do. I never carry cash on me. That's because I'm semi paranoid,thinking "If I DO get pickpocketed the jokes on them anyway,you can have my crumbled up receits I've horded up"

I live in and area where there are a lot of rich people,diplomats... I understand why he's in this neighbourhood,either for a scheme or for sincere honest help.

loosing track here...

I told him this (the short version ofc) and he nodded,while sitting there on his knees infront of me.
I didn't get the feeling he was up to something,and I guess I shouldn't have been so naive to open the door to a stranger when I'm home alone. I guess I didn't think at all,or I'm not so cynical to believe that everyone works for their own agenda,their own personal gain. I asked if he speaks english,he shook his head,then stopped and waved his hand in a "only a little"-kind of way. Then I asked where are you from (silly me,I dont speak any other languages outside scandinavia, except a little spanish)

He wasn't spanish,he showed me his student card and it said "Poland".

Then I said" I don't know what to give you... " I asked him to wait in the door way as I went to the refridgerator looking for something he could've gotten... raw chicken,bacon,butter,milk.... nothing I really could've given him that would've warmed him up in the -15c outside. BINGO!

I ran to my bag and took out my neck-scarf thingy, and put it on him and told him "This is all I can offer"

He nodded,took my hand up against his cheek,smiled,gave me a blow kiss and then stood up and waved goodbye as he gratefully smiled at me.

I smiled back and waved goodbye,then closed the door and watched him walk away...

A part of me wishes that this is a scam,because then he might actually have something or someone to return home to. He might have a bed waiting somewhere.

But I dont feel that this is the case for him,and that breaks my heart

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