Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Root of Evil

I were going to post a loooong post about freedom of speech and all that,but that would seem too political and probably boring for the most part.
I would probably make my blog seem too heavy and serious, rather than easy read and easy digestible.

Though I would like to say one thing: Freedom of Speech does not require you to slander or even make fun of others that doesnt necessarily live in your everyday life. I read a comment on a newspaper article which I would like to share "To see if a joke is funny or not, take out the subject (f.ex muslim) and insert Average Joe instead,then tell it. If no one laughes then that is your answer"
And please,stop hating on muslims and what not. Its getting old,and bombed.No ones making fun of atheists and agnostics so one should show the same curtesy the other way too. And dont even start with the thought "but religion is the source of all evil" becouse that just goes to show how little you think for yourself. If you take out "religion" in that sentence and put in "belief/ideology" then you're getting somewhere. Oh snap now its getting heavy. well whatever,I'll explain:

You will find bastards throughout history who has done atrocities against other humans just on the basis of some kind of belief. Take Hitler and nazism "the jews are doing better than the average german,that must be becouse they're corrupt". 6 million dead jews was the result of that. Even before that,we can find numerous killings of people done either by organizations driven by some ideology or countries making some people nearly extinct. To say that all muslims are extremists is like saying all blonde haired and blue eyed people are from Sweeden. Its extremely rude and just fuels the hate among people. My perception of the root to all evil(though a bit simplified and shortened here) is bullying. If anyone has ever played a practical joke on a cat before,then you know what I mean. The cat will come back around and bite you in the leg several hours after the joke had been executed. The same way women can do after someone's done them harm. What im trying to explain here is,anyone who has been bullied, has also thought of revenge and even if that revenge couldnt be executed at that time,it can in the future.Carefull planning, or even just letting that rage consume and drive you towards the goal,THAT's the root of Evil.

I promise my next post will be more fluffy fuwa fuwa ^^

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