Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alpha VS Omega

This is in a way a follow up from my last post, since I felt that my explanation was inadequate.
The root to evil might in simple terms be what dictate one's actions towards others, but that leaves too much doubt out in the open as to why someone then choose to harm instead of helping another person. Bullying in the childhood or even in early adolescence might be what triggers the hate for others. But also the feeling of inadequacy will strengthen that feeling, which again might have roots in earlier bullying. I mentioned Hitler last time, we've all heard the story about how his application into an art school got rejected and some do believe that's what tipped him over the edge. Because he felt he wasn't good enough. Then we have (what I think is a funny case) Napoleon, a man so short that the only way he could make up for it was to be in constant war with someone, just to prove himself. There is something known as the Napoleon Syndrome because of it.

I believe everyone has at least once experienced bullying in their life, but what makes me wonder besides the obvious "why do they do it?" is rather "why this or that person?". Why do some people get bullied? When you're a child then it's obvious, you either stand out like an asian among white kids, or the only redhead in the class or the smallest in the crowd or any similar reason. But when you're older, say 14 and up, those reasons fade away. That's when the bullying also becomes more sinister. There's been a lot of news lately surrounding bullying worldwide. Gangs of girls bullying one single girl, gang of teenagers bullying young homophile/homosexual teenagers. It enrages me. I cannot describe the rage I feel when I read about it, words cannot express or fathom in any concise way, what my feelings are on that subject. If anyone who's played GTA or SaintsRow and gone a bit ballistic with a car and gun, might get a hint of what I'd like to do to repetetive bullies. But I've also seen bullying be done to people who don't stand out (I've tried to stop it too), people who look like they could fit in anywhere. That's when you know that this person being bullied does not share their bullies' viewpoint. And is therefore now being punished because of it. Maybe this person has stood up for someone else, or maybe this person used to be in on the bullying of others but has realized that it's wrong. Sometimes you have people who haven't even done that, and they're still getting picked on. Some say that's because that person acts like a victim and is therefore an easy target for those primitive creatures. And some say its because that person triggers insecurity in their bullies.Yes we can all be so primitive and give into our predatorial instincts, that sounds reasonable enough. But so does this: When a predator feels insecure, like a dog, they will mark their territory. Luckily people don't go around peeing everywhere stating they own it though. But we did have an era of flag placements stating we owned it, but that's a different subject. A display of fear when trapped or a display of dominance when faced with a stranger? Which one
is more believeable; the one who shoots first then ask questions, or the one who acts in self-defence? Which one are you?

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