Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hackers in the Sandbox

From time to time, we read about recent cyber crime, such as hack-attacks or cyberbullying.
People with or without techniques, abusing their right to say whatever, just because of selfishness.
That is what this is really about, it's about us, back inside the sandbox, defending our sandcastles with mighty words like "justice" and "freedom of speech".

In the end it's all about protecting our little sandcastle, our domain, in the sandbox we call the Internet. We have rules in society, in countries and at home. Some are needed, some are there to hinder, some are there to protect. But the bottom line is that we in general need them. But what of the Internet? Someone once said "the Internet is like the wild west". I tend to see it as a grey zone, since all rules about the internet is connected to the country it serves, and all countries have their own rules of use accordingly. There isn't (as far as I know) a comprehensive set of rules that goes for all on the web, but we do have moral indexes that tells us what goes and what doesn't.
 We have all heard of the hacker group Anonymous. At least all of us who own a PS3, or have been affilliated with Sony in any way. They were behind the cyber attack on Sony's Playstation Network in 2011, resulting in the shutdown of the whole online shop for Playstation 3 content, such as games, demos, avatars etc. All those who had a Playstation 3 account were forced to change their password and remove their creditcard details, also having to request new creditcards and remove access to their old ones. Some people were even so unlucky to have their credit card information leaked, only to find out that contents over 500$ had been purchased by others than themself. I was not one of those people that had to experience that, but I did feel violated. The cause of their attack (in short terms) was because of a man named George Hotz, being sued by Sony after he leaked a code enabling the PS3 to be modded freely by the owner.  He also requested a job from them at the same time. After Sony sued,they were threatened to drop the lawsuit by a group of "hacktivists" rumoured to be Anonymous (now). They didn't drop it and the rest is so last year.

Now what I hate about this case is this:

It was caused by a small group of people, but harmed over 26 million users of the Playstation Network, including me.

They did this for such petty reasons as "we bought it, we own it" even if it says in Sony's Terms of use that you don't.

It didn't harm Sony directly (take the beef up with them why don't you)

It was plain childish.

By childish I mean,that their reaction is the same you get when you tell a spoiled rotten kid  "No" and that being their first time hearing it. The reaction is of course high protest, or screaming, in this case a cyber attack saying "whatever, whatever I do what I WANT!" I'm getting of topic.

I usually read about these kind of things, simply because it interests me. Instead of insulting people in their face, we have turned to cyberspace for saying things we don't dare utter in Real Life. It's an interesting development in the human society, in my opinion. Even by writing this on a blog "anonymously" I'm expressing my opinion and in a sense being a hypochrite. Though in reality I tend to say exactly what I want, especially if its needed to drag someone down to earth again. What I find sad and in a way, pathetic about hackers are the fact that they only do the things they do, for their own selfish reasons. I've never ever read about them doing any good, well not entirely true, they did hack the Norwegian terrorist Anders B.Breivik's facebook and computer. But it didn't do any good because the information had been tampered with, in the bureaucrats eyes. But never have I read "Hackers gathered to bring down human trafficking network" or "hackers help police catch large pedophile network". They never do things for the sake of others. But hey,"as long as I can PWN 12 year olds playing COD, it's aight?".

Food for thought?

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