Sunday, September 30, 2012

Multiculturalism and MakeUp

Catchy title eh?
This has been an issue I've been thinking about a lot, or well after a Norwegian girl commented on my makeup saying "wow it must be hard for you to find a foundation that matches your skintone!?".Bitch please, I'm not that dark, is what I thought at the time,but now I've started to feel otherwise.
I have always thought it was a given fact.  Claiming to be a multicultural country, therefore being accommodating and including to the point of everyone sitting around a bonfire singing "hallelujah", that even fashion aspects would be a part of that. Living in Norway, I've always thought us to be very including towards ethnicity, culture and sexual orientation. I mean, we haven't banned hijabs in school and in the public like France, or have very strict rules when it comes to immigration and reunification of foreign families, hell we even accomodate gay marriages.Now the latter has achieved a lot these past 7 years, I however can't seem to find a decent foundation in my skintone.

"Can't seem to find the right shade? How so?"

Well it so happens to be nonexistent in Norway.  I'm not particularly dark,nor am I fair and white.
Im mixed,and the outcome is a colour that is not accustomed to the norwegian market,when it comes to makeup. Of course there are other things too that pisses me off but that's a different topic. If I were to describe my color it would be something of a Norwegian girl after her first tanning session at Brun&Blid(Tan&Happy?) before succumbing to tanorexia and putting even the darkest africans to shame. I have truthfully searched high and low for a foundation in the right shade, spending over 2000kr (250euro aprox+/-) in the process, and I found it, just not in Norway.

I've been to all the perfume and "high class" makeup stores to try and find a shade that accomodates me, only to see myself looking like an orange in the mirror later, I've even gotten help from the clerks/makeup girls and still walking out looking either half dead or completely Ganguro (look it up).  After a while, after all tried & failed attempts, I started to notice something. All shades from all international makeup market product lines imported to Norway, were with undertones of orange. And the darkest shade I've seen so far was something a la Rihanna'09, sorry Naomi Campbell, try the UK or our neighbor Denmark and Sweden instead.  I've checked L'Oreal and all their daughter sites, Maybelline, even high standard ones like Lâncome, Dior, Gucci and so on. I'm not saying they don't exist, they just don't exist HERE...

So I was very happy once I found my favorite foundation as of yet, on DFDS Seaways cruise headed to Copenhagen. That foundation comes from Estèe Lauder's Invisible Fluid makeup line, in the shade 1WN2.  In contrast to shades carried out in stores here, this one has yellow undertones.  Yes because everyone doesn't suit orange undertones like most Norwegians have. I can say this because I'm half white so I'm not being racist. Norway, why u be racist?? :'C

Food for thought?

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